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  1. Sorry all, just realized this is about LP standards. Mine is a studio. I'll blame it on a senior moment Perhaps the GFS info is still of some use. Subtract 1 vote for GFS or bump all others up 1o:)
  2. Thanks WyldeEye, I think I'll try that since my screws seem loose8-[ I'm just not clear on where the spring ends up. Between the screw head and bridge body. Or on the screw between the bridge body and the saddle?
  3. I tried the GFS Vintage 59s, Dream 180s, and Fat Pats in my Epi LP Studio. All were an improvement over the muddy stock pups. The 59s had a good bottom and high end but seemed to scoop the mids a bit. The 180s were to bright and jangley but may be good on a semi hollow body. I settled on the Fat Pats which have a good balance over all strings. Since the Fats are hotter winds (10K neck, 14K bridge) they're not bad even when coil split. As a budget upgrade I'm happy with the improvement over the stock pups. IMHO the GFS pups I tried have a sound of their own, good but not neccessarily authentic. If your after a true LP sound (whatever that is) I think you'll need to spend a lot more.
  4. If you want left from one mono out and right from the other then it looks like it should do the job. However if you want the left and right combined to mono on each mono connector then no. The picture looks like it's two cables fused together at the stereo end and split at some point before the mono ends. Most common convention indicates left is tip and right is ring. Doesn't matter as long as you determine which is which when you hook it up.
  5. Thanks Ricochet, Tried that but it's still the same. Perhaps the saddle grooves are sloppy. Lets face it there's a lot of tension on the bridge so it's hard to understand how anything under that much pressure could buzz (rattle) but I'm running out of alternatives.
  6. Thanks all, for your input and bridge recommendations. Last night I raised the bridge to an almost unplayable height but still have the same buzz (rattle) on the high strings whether open or fretted all the way up the neck. So I think that just about eliminates fret buzz or a high fret. Could be a sitar, certainly sounds like one on the high strings but somehow I don't think Smoke on the Water or Whole lotta Love would sound as good as it does on the low strings if it is a sitar There's an affordable replacement bridge on the GFS site that I could try. But it might not be any better than what I have. I paid less than $100 for the guitar so it hurts to invest more than that for a stew-mac bridge. On the other hand if it solves the problem I may have a guitar I'll be happy with for some time.
  7. Comforting to hear I'm not the only musician who sucks at Rock Band! My grandkids play it all the time. They have a family band, my daughter on vocals, son in law on guitar, grandson #1 (8 years old) on drums and grandson # 2 ( 7 ) on bass. They have blast playing together and are apparently quite sucessfull at it according to their ranking. Since I'm a drummer (ya I'm still in the percussion section 45 years later, learning guitar now so perhaps there's still hope ) they were always after me to play the drums. I resisted for a long time sensing this was a bad idea but I ran out of excuses. They know I drum every week with a band so I couldn't say I'd forgotten how. Then came the day of reconing, in a moment of weakness I gave in. Well.......after being boo'd of the stage a couple of times grandson # 1 grabbed the sticks back saying "Grandpa are you sure you play the drums?" Apparently you lose points for creativity so I was doomed to failure. I slunk away to play dolls with my granddaughter while the band rocked on. But the story ends on a high note. Some weeks later they were visiting our place. My daughter said why don't you show the kids what you've learned on guitar ( my drums stay at the bands studio ). So I took them downstairs to see my studio. I plugged in the Epi LP, cranked on some distortion and played what I thought they might like to hear. When I looked up from the guitar I saw their jaws on the floor. ( amazing the effect a few power chords and distortion can do to the young mind ). Grandson # 1 screamed "Grandpa! You sound better than Rock Band!" Still don't know how take that but I'll take it. Grandson # 2 then came up with the ultimate solution " Grandpa bring your guitar stuff to our place next time and play with our Rock Band!" And so I did and do. We have a great time and I'm learning a lot of good the old classic and newer rock on the guitar in the process. From hero to bum to hero again in a few short weeks. Perhaps the universe is unfolding as it should.
  8. Hi All, I have an Epi LP studio which according to the ser # was made in 2000 at Usung in Korea. I've had it for about a year and really like it except for one annoying problem, the G, B and high E strings buzz (rattle) unless played very softly. Uplugged, fretted, open stings, same thing. I've tightened all hardware, tried various neck relief and bridge height adjustments but still the same. It's been like this since I got it. At this point I suspect the bridge which is the type with a wire accross the intonation adjust screws. Just wondered if anyone else has had this problem and if replacing the bridge assembly solved it. Any tips to help me nail this down would also be appreciated. Regards Old1
  9. I have the GFS Fat PAFs in my Epi LP studio. LIke you I found the Neck PUP to be louder than the bridge. I set the Bridge at the Gibson suggested 3/32". I had to adjust the Neck PUP much lower, flat with the top of the ring to get close to the same output. I don't mind this since I want more body sound on the neck position anyway. Still I'd like to adjust it a bit higher to get a bit more pick attack but can't because it will upset the balance. I'm going to try an experiment and add a resistor in series with the Neck PUP. This should lower the the output enough for me to raise it and still have the balance between Neck and Brdge. I'l let you know how it works out. There's a noticeable difference between my single coil vs humbucker sounds. I don't know whether any Humbucker can get as good a single coil sound as a good single coil, however I'm happy with the versatitlity the coil cut provides. I also reversed the neck PUPs wiring polarity to get an out of phase sound when the PUP selector is in the middle. I like it but some may not be fans. Between the coil splits and out of phase position I get a good variety of usable sounds.
  10. I'm a drummer that just got serious about playing guitar over the last year but don't hold that against me. I've heard a lot of guitars in the many bands I've played in over last 40+ years, so with what brain cells and hearing I have left I believe I can still recongnize a good guitar sound when I hear it. My current lead player still has an all original Strat he bought in 63. That worn rusty thing still sounds sweet! Until I'm sure I'll stick with learning guitar I didn't want to spend a lot so I picked up a used Epi LP studio made in Korea in 2000. As others have reported the stock PUPs were muddy and lifeless so I decided to upgrade them. I ordered GFS 59s, Fat PAFs and the Dream 180s with the thought I'd pick a winner and send the rest back for credit. Problem is I like them all. They're all a definate improvement over the stock pups. The dream 180s were a bit to jangly for a LP type sound but should work well in an archtop. The Vintage 59s are more LP sounding with good bottom and top end but seem to lack in the middle a bit. I settled on the Fat PAFs since they sound more balanced to me. They have a bit less top and bottom end than the other GFS PUPS but have a good middle that brings out the LP honk or hollow log type sound I like. They're hot wound and have noticeably more ouput but clean up nicely when I roll the guitars volume control back a bit. I also installed a coil split switch and can get some decent single coill sounds as well. The Fat PAFs seem to work best for this since you've still got an approx. 5K pickup, which likely is the reason they're not thin sounding like the others in single coil mode. I had my lead player jam a few tunes with it and he was impressed with the difference over the stock PUPs. No more mud and leads cut the mix nicely. I have no idea whether spending a bunch more on PUPS would be worth it for this guitar. All I know is I'm happy with the improvement for what little I paid. I've also replaced a bad tone pot with a GFS brand and the tone caps with GFS Sprague large orange caps with good results. Hope this helps. Good luck with your upgrades!
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