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  1. I'm going to put back the pg haha. It was experimenting. I'm using 11's. The guitar techy guy told me that I should aim for a darker, bassier tone so he recommended me the 11s. I dig the 11s but I like the easy "bendablility" of the 10s. So I might change back to the 10s. And maybe I'll put P-94s since i worship the strokes haha. But I think I wanna have my own sound and try not to sound like someone. Although it's so tempting. I was thinking of having something different. I heard about bare knuckles. Extremely expensive but I've heard so much good out of them. What's your opinions on what buckers to put in it? I play stuff from the strokes and kings of leon. Thanks!
  2. Got everything done. I used a set of DR strings and it fit well and all. I literally took apart the whole guitar and put them all together to clean spots of dust and smudges. One thing I found odd was that the neck pup had no label on the back whereas the bridge has a SAMSUNG. Odd.. Both pups were wax and sound amazing. Here's a picture of the finished riv. Nothing different haha just took off pickguard.
  3. Good to know. Will get a set tmr to see how it works out. God. That riv looks amazing. How much was it when you bought it?
  4. Hello epiphone forums! I finally got my hands on a riviera. According to guitar dater project Your guitar was made at the Peerless Plant, Korea January 1996 Production Number: 0907 It's amazing. But it requires a little cleaning and set up. I got to get new strings and I was wondering what strings I can get. I heard that the riviera requires longer strings for the bass strings. Would ernie balls work? Oh and of course here are the really bad pictures taken from a cell phone. OH GOD I LOVE IT!! :)
  5. Febreeze worked great. And the Steel wool worked great. But the smell exterior smells great. When I take a sniff in the F-holes, I still smell the whiz thats eating up the natural wood smell. Okay to spray a bit of febreeze in the f-hole? Thanks lots guys!
  6. Febreeze worked! Wooot. Now I gotta get that steel wool. Thanks lots guys!
  7. Hello Epiphone! I just got my guitar back from a friend. It was my sheraton and he's made it horribly smelly. It smells like dried up sweat. I'm guessing he gigged it once and just left it in the case all sweaty. It smells like a subway station. I just wanna know how I can get rid of the stink. On top of that, that idiot also left the frets a bit rusty. There's spots on the frets. I tried just wiping it with water and towel. Nothing happened. Help me out!!
  8. So the JL casino is more prone to feedback? Sounds gravy yo. If only I had a chance to play one without having a guitar center employee bugging me every 2 minutes.
  9. I just wanted to know if the John Lennon Casino's are more prone to feedback or less prone compared to the normal Casinos. Just curious in a way. Because I saw the guy in my icon play one, and he played dirty distortion with a JL. Compared to his original semi-hollow, it seemed like there was no difference. But people say they are extremely easy to feedback even with the slightest touch of distortion. So yea, again I'm just curious and seek your inputs. Thanks lots guys!
  10. So I was snooping around craigslist and I came across this ad. It had an EPIPHONE WILKAT on sale and a guild telecaster. I emailed the person first about the EPIPHONE and then about the guild. he said the guild is a 1979 telecaster. Nothing else. He didn't give me anymore info so I was wondering you guys should know. Thanks! EPIPHONE IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD. EPIPHONE.
  11. They have different necks too, don't they? Standard has a thinner neck whereas the custom's alittle bit thicker.
  12. The Strokes Nick Valensi made me first pick up the geetar.
  13. I had one. It was another name for a Junior. It had bolt on neck and came with humbuckers. I think they had this model as to the P90 junior's previously offered during the late 1990s to the early 2000s. Here's a picture of mine P94's, mustang knobs, varitone A very nice guitar indeed.
  14. Body: Thinline semi-hollowbody Bridge: Frequensator Finish: Nitro Vintage sunburst Pickups: P94's in bridge and Burstbucker in neck Top: Maple Neck: Mahogany Body: Mahogany Fretboard: Rosewood Inlays: Parallelograms Tuners: Rotomatic Grovers Beautiful!!!!
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