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  1. I did not consider the difference the binding might make. I learned something!
  2. Unless Sheratons have a smaller F-hole than a dot you should be able to fit full sized pots through them. You will need to enlarge the hole for the shaft slightly, but that is very easily done with sand paper and a piece of dowel.
  3. You shouldn't have to worry about the pot being too tall - I just installed push-pulls on my Dot and they fit just fine. If I am not mistaken, the Riviera is the same body style? I have used the Allparts push-pulls on my Les Paul and my G-400 and did not have a problem with using the old knobs. I used the push-pulls sold by GFS on my Dot (which was also made in Korea) and did not need to enlarge the hole, and the top hats went back on without a problem.
  4. I have to agree with you there! The quality of "budget "priced guitars is so much better today.
  5. You say " if i turn the bass to 0, and middle and treble to 12 there is some improvement " - If you are unable to come close to creating a decent sound , and resorting to using such extreme settings, then something isn't right. Try the guitar through a different amp and see if the sound pleases you better. Try a different guitar ( maybe different types of guitars too, like a Fender) through the amp too. When you say you are a "newbie", are you new to playing the guitar or are you new to playing Epiphones? If you are new to playing the guitar, I would advise you that it takes time learn how to produce good sound - don't jump into making a bunch of mods right away.
  6. Sweet looking guitar! I just finished changing the pickups and pots in my dot. It was worth it, but what a pain!
  7. I've got it all buttoned up. Even with th heat shrink tubing, it was still a bit off a fight to get everything in place. The new pickups are much brighter sounding than the stock ones were. I like having the coil switching push/pull pots. I have them wired so the coils can either be in series or in parallel. The bridge pickup has a nice growl going for it when I plug it into my blackface Deluxe and run it up to about 4. I was hoping I could get a little more though - maybe that can be achieved with a little tweeking. The real test will be when I take it to rehearsal and see how it works with the band, but I think it will do fine. I'll try to post some sound clips latter - I am going to be a bit busy the next few days so it might be a while before I get to it
  8. I have the pickups installed, and the pots, jack ect. all wired up. I am ready to hook everything up and see how it works! Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  9. Whitmore Willy: Good to hear the 59's worked well for you, I haven't tried them yet. I have a Les Paul Standard that I gave the push/pull treatment to and I love it. I use the the Dot and the Paul alot when I am gigging, and I really miss not having the coil switching when I am using the dot. Bob: I really debated about using the Mean 90's in this guitar to. I have them in two other guitars that I use, and I am very happy with them. The last time I wired a hollow body, I tied string onto to the pots to pullthem through. It worked, but it was kind of a pain. I think I have some heat shrink tubing, so i might try that today.
  10. I am replacing the pickups with a pair of GFS Vintage '59's, adding some push/pull pots so I can have some coil switching and while I am in there, I will change those green chicklets to some orange drops. Wish me Luck!
  11. Get the Vox. Only one tube, and you won't need to replace it for a long time. It is much warmer than the Line 6. A few years back I was thinking of buying a Line 6. I tried the Vox out after playing through the Line 6, and the differance was huge! It is a much warmer and real sounding amp. Needless to say, I took the Vox home.
  12. I can't say you will get better sustain, but you will get much better tunning stability. I have 3 epiphones (including a dot), and I have replaced the stock bridges on all three with the gotoh replacement. They all stay in tune much better. It was a night and day improvement. Also - if you like the set screws on the tonepro bridge and have access to a drill press and a tap and die set, you can intall set screws on the gotoh bridge Viola! you have a tonepro!
  13. As Musikron said, the binding is under the finish. To stain the binding, you are first going to have to remove the finish, stain the binding, and then refinish the neck. Not an easy job.
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