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  1. Thanks @Larsongs I checked YouTube and only see one video (below) specific to the ES-359 Black Beauty, rest were 355s. If you find others please let me know.
  2. https://ibb.co/vYrgG50 https://ibb.co/RzR52tR https://ibb.co/FB5ZvnT https://ibb.co/2tLRSs7
  3. Thank you Twang Guitars! I may not have been clear enough in my description my new guitar (which is amazing) is a Gibson Memphis 2019 Limited ES-359 Black Beauty w/Bigsby. It’s been near impossible to find anything on it, see below for a link to a listing. They appear to be a limited release only in 2019. https://www.chicagomusicexchange.com/products/gibson-memphis-2019-limited-es-359-black-beauty-wbigsby-462797
  4. Just ordered a Gibson ES-359 Black Beauty, anybody have any experience with them? Any good? Was looking for reviews, couldn’t find anything. Anybody know how many they made?
  5. Looked under my pickups for the first time on my used Les Paul and all I saw was a number and signature. Anybody know how/if I can look this up somewhere? Google was no help.
  6. Have you sold the B-25 yet? Would you be willing to ship it to the Chicago area? Is the price firm? Why are you selling it? Do I have your personal assurance that the guitar is in good condition, free of defects that would affect sound quality? Is it in playable shape? Straigt neck? Do the tuners hold the strings in place? If I receive the guitar and am immedetly unhappy with it (sound, playability) can I send it back for a guitar refund?
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