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  1. hmm, thanks for the info. but I think I wont chase this one, I found another great Epi LP. black LP Custom, and it's was made in Fuji-gen factory! asking price 1000US$, expensive but worthy.
  2. the seller didn't use the neck pickup, he only use the bridge pickup, EMG 81. he put the neck pickup only to cover the pickup cavity. for the stamp on the back, I'm not sure, I haven't see the guitar. maybe in few days I will look the guitar.
  3. since I live in Indonesia, I can get new MII Epi LP on that price range (350-400 US$). MII Epi G-400 also cheaper in here, only between 200-250 US$. so I'm wondering whether this 2nd MIK LP is worth enough for that range of price. I'm considering to buy it jut because I like the color. I think there's no one answer my first question yet, is this 'real' Epi? or this just another fake guitar? there are lots of fake guitar in my country, that's why I want to know for sure whether this is real Epi or not.
  4. someone in my town selling this guitar. he said it was made in Korea, production year 1996. he change the bridge pickup with EMG. is it real thing? I never saw Epi in this color (Metallic Blue) before. and the price is around 350-400 US$, is it worth? Pics: thanks for the info.
  5. hei, maybe a week before, I found some people selling the Elitist. Ponki from Jikustik sell a LP Custom for 8000k rupiah. other people sell LP Standard for 7200k. and another people sell another LP Standard, I forgot the price. if I had the money I would be take one of those guitar. I don't know whether they're already sold out or not, check this out http://musisi.com/forumdisplay.php?f=230 you also can find some people selling 2nd hand Epi China/Indonesia/Korea from 2000k until 3500k rupiah.
  6. wow :) , made me realize how young I am. 21yrs old, still green like a grass.
  7. it's nice. I might buy it if I live in USA.
  8. well, for me, I don't like onboard DSP, so I choose Valve Junior.
  9. well, I bought my EVJ in Australia, but it's the head version. I bought it from Gallin's Guitar in Sydney. have you try to look there? Gallin's Guitar is Gibson/Epiphone distributor, they should have latest version EVJ. btw, why do you want the combo version?
  10. good info Steven, thanks. actually I don't know that current Celestion manufactured is in China. but it doesn't mean that the Chinese made is bad right ? coz I drop my choice on Vintage30 for my first 'diy' cab'.... hehe
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