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  1. Maybe, the 60w amp has the features needed to gain and such on board, hence the ability to play at a lower volume, while the C5 the valume decides the tone.
  2. I saw this video and others like it many times, It was because of such videos I bought the C5, however, in my bedroom the C5 killed my ears to sound any thing like this video, I dont know what is this guy using to get this sweet sounds without being too loud.
  3. In fact, I am in between the Haze 15 1/2 stack and the new Egnater Rebel 30 combo, what I like about the Egnater is the option to play at 1 watt all the way to 30 watts, as I am mainly a bedroom player, and would like to play with gain at lower volume,
  4. Absolutely Honey Burst. Honey Burst has the best top AND BACK finish.
  5. What do you guys think of the Engl German made Gigmaster, I saw some reviews on youtube and this one sound a monster. Anything German made is kick *** perfect, even their germanshephard dogs are the ultimate.
  6. I do not think so, as I bought the class 5 amp in Jan 2011, and soon after, I realized the mistake I made, as this amp is a one trick pony, not versatile at all unless you are going to buy a descent pedals "at around $150+", and moreover NOT for home use, unless you want to play clean tones, as with any descent gain, you must sacrifice your ear drums, for you need to turn the volume high to enjoy any gain tone out of it. So my advice to anyone who is thinking about getting this exclusively for home, DO NOT waist your money, you will be very disappointed, my class 5 has been parked aside for months, and I just put it up for sale. And that is why I started this post, I would like to know what others are using/suggesting, for under a $1000 in tube amps.
  7. Well, to be specific, I am looking for pure demented growling tube amp sound, preferably low wattage, "for home/practice use" with on board OD & Revereb, at under a grand, Please submit your experience. BTW. I curretnly have a Class 5, and it is limited to say the least and I have it up for sale. I play Led Z. Pink Floyd, Rush and this sort of ballzy sounds.
  8. The post will stay Kineman, I wonder how a frail Jimmy Page used to slug his boat anchor LP on his shoulder all night performing,
  9. No, not this one, this one has the coil spliting push pull volume knob, and it is a $100 dollar more, moreover the finish on mine is much nicer.
  10. Do HRI have weight releive holes? And where is the best places to find them?
  11. You know bobouz, you are the 15th reply, and now I am thinking to just remove this post, you are all right, it is a tonal preference and as long as there is an alternative, as someone has replied, why complain,
  12. Good day rocketman, I would guess, 2 is the chambered one, however, it is harder to tell with chord strumming and higher gain. It is more obvious with single notes, at medium gain and as I mentioned on the lower E and A strings.
  13. Hey Gib, I love the video, informative, surprised me nonetheless, abouth the 7 gauge strings and the weight of his guitars, wondering if they are the same ones he uses in the studio, or just live performance!!! ZZ top tone comes from a 7 gauge strings[confused]
  14. I have no problem with my weight relieved standard either, my issue is with the chambering,.. big difference.
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