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As the demands of my music life have increased, time spent on the forum has waned. Now, another crossroads is passed and I have happily chosen the path of musician. But contracts that provide also bind. And true to life's bittersweet moments of growth, I must now say "fare-thee-well" to all my forum brothers and sisters.


A few final words in sincerest thanks.

To Gibson/Epiphone -- foremost for the quality instruments/amps that make it all possible. And also for a forum to express ideas pro & con that all persons with musical interests can participate in and grow. Please remember that it's really all about us -- about the core of what we need out here -- and that a little "trendy" keeps it fresh, but a lot makes it trashy.


To fellow members -- you share credit for my improvement as a person and as a player. Some of you have helped give wings to my fledgling new-directions-in-music desires. Now my every note is in partial tribute because how else does a musician really say thanks. Stay open to new possibilities, because life is much, much better that way.


To the universe and the masters who've walked before us -- Truest sources of all inspiration, my contributions here, from my avatar to my comments, have been grounded in tribute to my main sources of strength. I learn something from the best and from the worst and place great trust in that guiding life principle and path to enlightenment. Love, peace and music are soul food. Eat well.

Hit every BLUE NOTE baaaby,... I'm going to play on, and on, and on, and on......

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