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  1. I think you're right...I'll bet the first numeral is an 'I', not a '1'. Which would mean it's a 1998 model made in Korea (Saein).
  2. Where do you find picks like that? I'm a plain old Dunlop guy meself...I used Hotlicks copper picks briefly in the 80s. Until I discovered how brutal they were on strings AND turned my thumb and index finger green!
  3. $225? SCORE! Great guitar, congratulations. The tuners are just fine. No need to replace them. Humbucker covers can be had for 12 - 15 bucks, but I agree you should just swap out the pickups. With the deal you got, you can splurge on the pickups, if you wish. What kind of tone are looking for? Oh, and welcome to the forum!
  4. Welcome, GAShole! Looove that name! :D/ I hear you on the P-90s. I had a Gibson ES-125 with a P-90 pickup when I was but a lad and didn't really appreciate it. Since getting my Epi Gold Top in March, I am definitely making up for lost time. I am totally blown away by the sound P-90s produce. I bought my Epi used, and the original owner put in Fralin P-90s. So I can't speak to the quality of the stock Epi P-90s. But plenty of folks on this board rave about them. The opinion on them is definitely much better than the Epi humbuckers. But don't forget the forum rule...regarding your Sheraton and your WildKat...if there aren't any pictures, it didn't happen!
  5. I haven't dealt with Sweetwater, but I've heard nothing but good things about their service. I haven't had any problems with MF or AMS.
  6. Huh. I don't know that I've ever seen black keystone tuners. Is it a set-in neck, or a bolt-on? Again...without playing it or seeing it in person, this is speculation....but if you like it, make him an offer. If it's a bolt-on, try to get him to take $50 or so off the price.
  7. I can be but an echo to our friend from the Hawkeye State. I like my Gold Top more than any Epi LP I've played. I'm looking forward to the day when I can actually try out an Elitist...my self-control should get quite a workout.
  8. I haven't let go of too many. I miss all of them from time to time. But I generally traded them in or sold them to upgrade to another guitar. I don't have any huge regrets, like the guy I went to high school with...who traded a 1955 Black Beauty Les Paul for an Ibanez Destroyer! The one I really miss is my 1953 Gibson ES-125. I traded it in because a fully hollow guitar with no cutaways and 1 P-90 pickup didn't really cut it for a 16-year-old playing in loud garage bands. My current 45-year-old self would like to have a word with my 16-year-old incarnation. Sigh...
  9. Welcome, rgb7! I'm just 45. :-({|=/ But I play a 56! <-------------------
  10. Fail. The studio version was recorded on a Tele, and the live version was played on the EDS-1275...based on the SG shape, but NOT an SG. But it IS a great solo...
  11. Pete Townshend on 'Live at Leeds' springs to mind.
  12. Webstrings.org has a pretty good set of flatwounds. I think they're $6.99 a pack.
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