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  1. I've been good. I've been spending too much time going down the amp and pedal rabbit hole. Man, that is an expensive rabbit hole. Still have my 2007 Les Paul. Need to get her re-fretted though. Good to hear from you guys and I am glad to see some of the old crew is still posting. Anyone know what happened to Axe and Thunder? Are they both over at the MLP forum?
  2. To the old timers around here. Hope you guys had a great Christmas and all the best in 2018. Not sure who is still around from the early wild west days of the Gibson Lounge.
  3. WTF? You still here? Amazing. I figured you were married now with three kids and house in the Hamptons
  4. Yeah...that ain't going to happen.
  5. Ha...my days of starting trouble are long gone. That is what three young kids will do to you. Got to say, life is pretty good. Family is great. Still got my Les Paul and finally found an amp that I love (Two Rock Studio Pro). Try to play every night. Sold my tele and picked up a Strat. Can't really complain. Well I can, but I won't
  6. That might not be a good thing!!
  7. Good to see that the old crew is still going strong!!
  8. I just found this. Sad news. Homz and I had our differences, but he seemed like a dedicated father and husband. Such a shame as he was so young. Those were good days. It was the Wild West...no rules. I am surprised we all weren't banned from here for life.
  9. It was connected to a speaker, right? So it had a full load? If so, probably a tube.
  10. Thanks guys. And Merry Christmas to the both of you.
  11. Here is the list of tubes that he also sending. The amp can take a variety of power tubes (1), a rectifier (1) and a preamp (1). Man, am I going to have some fun switching these babies around. Preamp- Realistic branded 7025, Tungsol (not vintage) 12AX7, RCA 6201, Phillips ECG JAN 12AT7WC, Sylvania 5965, Made for HP by E?A 5963, GE 5814A; Rectifier- US Navy CNU EC 6X5GT, RCA 6AX6GT, GE 6X5GT_EZ35; Power- JAN-CG 6Y6GT, Ken-Rad 6G6G, RCA JAN CRC-6G6G VT-198-A, National Union JAN CRC-6G6G VT-198-A, Motorola 6K6GT, Tungsol (new manufacture) 6V6GT, THD Yellow Jacket adapter, Groove T
  12. It has been a long time since I posted here...anyway, I thought I would share this buy.... Got one of these 1 to 2 watt hand-wired works of art coming in. Not new. Bought it used. Got a killer deal on it. The seller also is sending me a bunch of tubes. I will list those in a second. I am pretty excited. here is a link to Emery's site. the Microbaby... ultra-lo power, ultra BIG tone! 1-2 watts This is to replace my Tiny Terror, which I sold. My main amp is a 25 watt Phaez Corona, basically a blackface style amp. The Emery is for late night playing.
  13. Glad it worked out for you. Congrats. As a word of warning to others...post photos here and ask questions before buying. It's a lot let stressful!!!
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