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  1. I've been good. I've been spending too much time going down the amp and pedal rabbit hole. Man, that is an expensive rabbit hole. Still have my 2007 Les Paul. Need to get her re-fretted though. Good to hear from you guys and I am glad to see some of the old crew is still posting. Anyone know what happened to Axe and Thunder? Are they both over at the MLP forum?
  2. To the old timers around here. Hope you guys had a great Christmas and all the best in 2018. Not sure who is still around from the early wild west days of the Gibson Lounge.
  3. WTF? You still here? Amazing. I figured you were married now with three kids and house in the Hamptons
  4. All is good. I figured I would start hanging out here again.

  5. I am. I got tired of the gas group and the crap that goes on there. There are a lot of good friends here.

  6. Hope all is well. Quick question. Do you receive the ToneQuest report (one of the forum members thought you did)? I am looking for the March 2010 issue in which they reviewed the Bare Knuckle Mules pickups. I am thinking of buying a set but wanted to see what they said about them first.



  7. The stock nuts do suck. I replaced mine with bone. Never had a tuning problem since.
  8. I think they do a good job of retaining their value--that's about all you can hope for. It might be a different story if something happens to Gibson. If you wanted a good investment you should have dumped your money in stocks about three or four months ago.
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