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  1. Could we check the part number on the SoCal Transformer to see if its the same as the one in the BC30? That would let us know if it can handle the extra current draw.
  2. Actually, I take it back. I'm calling I don't know on this one. If you would like to take it over to epiwiki, odds are the SG expert will give you all the details
  3. Looks dead fishy to me. It looks dissimilar to any type or era of G-400 I've ever seen. ... Just noticed the lower side (bottom when standing) of the guitar is heavily bevelled. That's far far too much bevelling, on an SG or an Epi copy, that bevelling is nearly nil. Plus the Tailpiece looks crooked and I'd sure like a better look at the headstock. I'm calling fake on this one.
  4. I've never heard of that either. I've had mine a year. Where did you get your info?
  5. The interactive mode on mine buzzes more than the independent so i haven't ever used it for more than eight seconds. I presume you don't have that problem?
  6. Twang, Richochet has one over at the 'other forum'. He seems to like it, his review is over there.
  7. Korg Pitchblack tuner and a Digitech bad monkey.
  8. They are still available from the german internet dealer Thomann.de. Black and natural still available if I recall correctly. Just not what people are looking for when they buy an SG i suppose.
  9. The truss rod cover (or TRC as it is commonly called) is the little piece of plastic on the headstock that says "les Paul". Often the TRC is hard to fake, the writing can be fuzzy and indistinct or even the plastic can be cut in the wrong shape slightly. Check the switch, four screws and a peek for the epi logo and put ur mind at rest. I'd sure loose some sleep over it between now and christmas.
  10. The headstock doesn't look right. A closer photo of the headstock would close the book on this one. A close shot of the truss rod cover would be useful too. Also pop the back cover, the 3-way switch should be branded epiphone along the side.
  11. You're a pioneer in this area Papa, in my time here, this is the first BC30 mod thread that I've seen. Keep us posted=d>
  12. Bender, the biggest disadvantage of the BC30 is the weight. It's daft heavy at over 30kg. Also, no effects loop if modulation effects are your kind of thing. Sounds great though, and just perfect volume-wise.
  13. Maybe it's the worst of all Rat types but i HATE my Rat II I've had since june. Can't get a good sound out of it. On the other hand i built a fuzz face clone last week (thanks for the tip m-theory) and Halejeula! amazing sound from any setting. Go Fuzz!! Wooo!!!
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