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  1. That's not an S-Series guitar it's an EM1 Rebel. They were made from the early to late 90s and were quite high quality. Alder body, maple neck with rosewood fingerboard. Unusual switching system with pretty much any combination of humbucker/single coil tones. Quite a rarity to see one.
  2. It's a FAT210 made between 1999 and 2004. They were pretty much the same spec as a similar low to mid range Squier Strat. They were preceeded by the S-210 1996-98 which was exactly the same guitar except for having a single coil in the bridge position. The FAT-210 was just one of a whole range of S-xxx type guitars from the S-200 up to the S-900 made between approx 1986 to 2004. Most had the droopy/pointy headstocks so popular in their day. There was also a T-xxx range which were obviously based on the Telecaster.
  3. Yes, the Japanese made Rivieras do have binding over the fret ends. If you've seen a Gibson done in the same way, that's what it looks like. I've attached a pic. It's a bit blurry but you can still see. It's of my own '83 Riviera which I bought new in 1983. As to whether that era/model has been faked or not, I couldn't say. They seem to sell for a good chunk of money these daysso it may be worth doing to someone somewhere. I haven't heard of any though. If you want to put a date on yours there's a seven digit serial number. Reading from left to right, the first number is the year, the second
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  5. Your Riviera is an '82. The first number is the year and the second and third give the month. 203**** = March 1982. I have an '83 model 305**** = May 1983. Mine differs from yours in that it has the white TRC and scratchplate and is completely stock except for the control knobs which I changed for gold bell type knobs. I kept the witch hat knobs 'just in case' but I have no intention of selling it. I bought mine new in 1983 as a backup for a mid sixties Gibson 335 I had at the time but found I actually preferred the sound of the Riviera which is why I've never even considered changing the pi
  6. And you do it very well. That tune of yours 'Then You' (is it yours?) has a really great feel to it. It's crying out for a great lyric.
  7. I'm not sure if the SST Studio is the same model that I have because I bought mine used from a pawn shop for £50.00 and there's nothing on it to identify the exact model. Mine is a 2003, has the Chet Atkins signature on it and the volume/tone knobs on the top shoulder so it could be the same. Hum is almost always an earthing issue. Take the plate off of the back and check the connections are tight and there are no broken cables. The mini jack socket on the pre amp board is for the pickup lead and the output cable is hard wired to the PCB. Also, take the output jack socket plate off and check
  8. Looks like a mid 60s Crestwood Deluxe with the 'wrong' headstock and a varitone. Does nothing for me, particularly in white. I'm still waiting for the dog ear P90 Coronet that was rumoured to be in the pipeline as long ago as 2008. Given that the body and neck were identical to the '66 Wilshire reissue (a great guitar that I bought immediately) I'm surprised the Coronet never turned up. Epiphone released a picture of one but that was as far as it got.
  9. As you've mentioned Andertons I'm assuming that you're in the UK. If so, you should at least consider Iron Gear pickups. A pair will cost you half the price of the DiMarzio PUPs and Iron Gear are seriously good. I've used them in my Wilshire re-issue (Rolling Mill 2), a Mexican Classic 50's Strat (Pig Irons) and a Vintage (brand) LP type guitar (Blues Engines to replace the Wilkinson pickups fitted as standard) and in each case there has been a great and very noticeable improvement. Have a look here http://www.axetec.co.uk/guitar_parts_uk_043.htm The Dirty Torque/Blues Engine combo have Alnic
  10. As there's absolutely no information for those tuners, even if I had the guitar in my hands it would be hard to say whether the screw holes will match up or what size hole you'd need for the shaft of the tuner. The UK price is shown at £29.88 and there's no way I'd pay almost £30.00 for them anyway.
  11. That 'style' of machine head is available in the UK for less than the equivalent of $17.00. They are 'budget' or 'economy' tuners. The problem is that the fixing holes are reversed, so new holes would need to be drilled anyway. Allparts in the UK is not that great (IMO) but I did look on their site and theirs also have the fixing holes reversed. I looked at the $40.00 ones on the Allparts USA site (I assume you're looking at the Gotoh tuners) and their fixings are the reverse of what you need as well.
  12. I got the control knobs from Rokas in Denmark Street but they've been gone for a good while now. You can get similar from Axesrus for £6.00 a set http://www.axesrus.co.uk/Gibson-Style-s/1941.htm They're the 'Top Hat' type. I would have probably been just as happy with the 'Bell' type, but I expect I bought what Rokas had in stock at the time. It was a long time ago.
  13. I've got one of those in Antique Sunburst. I bought it in 1983 as a backup for my ES335 and gigged with it for 20 years. The only 'mod' I ever did was to change the control knobs (kept the ugly 'witch hat' originals of course). I preferred it to the 335 so I eventually sold the Gibson to fund a Telecaster purchase and kept the Riviera. The Riviera wasn't 'better' than the Gibson, it just sounded different and I preferred the sound and the neck shape (other opinions are available). It hasn't had much use in the past ten years but the average £750.00 to £850.00 selling price wouldn't get me anyt
  14. Agreed. And if you look very closely at the same point you'll see that the 'E' at the beginning of the Epiphone logo is of the style that (according to the Wiki page I linked to) only appeared on the Terada models between 1987 - 1994 together with the 'modern style' headstock. If I had to hazard a guess, I'd guess that it was a model made for the Japanese domestic market (JDM) and was never meant for export. But other than it's a Sheraton, who knows?
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