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  1. I think the only words blocked are f_ck, sh_t, and a_shole. Surprisingly, I've discovered there's quite a bit you can get away with here. You cock ***** *** slutty titty **** whore ****.
  2. That is ****ing awesome. Everybody knows I love the maple fretboards. Man, you think you've seen it all and then WHAM...weird-*** Gibson model X.
  3. Bigbends is correct. Same size. Different finish. Cheers mate!
  4. Ian Martin


    Your girlfriend is a mean *****. Just look at her photos. Not one smile.
  5. Here is another band who uses the same melody. Maybe they should all sue each other. "Cluster**** lawsuit." There is nothing new nor original "under the sun," as they say. There are only so many notes, phrases, progressions, and combinations you can do. The melody isn't that original in the first place. Pretty damn simple. I'm incorporating it into three of my own songs as I type this. Da da da da...dee do da...da da da da...dee do'oh oh oh...
  6. Probably, unless the Tune-O-Matic is in a different location. Shame you want to cover up all that lovely wood with a batwing pickguard though.
  7. My guess is that it's a newer model and therefore part of the natural progression Gibson is taking their guitars. The new Standards have circuit boards and quick connects instead of point to point soldering.
  8. This topic make Ian angry. IAN SMASH!!!
  9. Whatever. I'm ten times better at playing in front of the mirror than you. And I look a hundred times better.
  10. I inspired myself to learn by playing air guitar in front of a mirror. I wanted to share that with the world, only louder.
  11. For big jobs I use a clothes iron. No precision needed. :-)
  12. I have a love / hate relationship with you Tim. :-)
  13. Don't worry Otton, soon we'll have a one world government with a one world currency and we'll all get eaten by the Anti-Christ. Until then, no matter how badly the man has you down, raise your fist of rock 'n roll rebellion (even if it is just a day or two out of the week) and give 'em hell. If more people did so, mebbe the world wouldn't be as screwed up as it is right now.
  14. You can't wait a year and save up? One year? Give me a break. Really. Does this need to be a "legitimate" (because obviously your life is completely unfufilled without owning one) musician by owning an expensive instrument really constitute a complete emergency that makes you have to settle sub-par RIGHT NOW??? Orvilles, from what I have heard, are decent guitars in their own right. Like Japanese Epiphones. They are not Gibsons, they never will be Gibsons. If you buy one, you're only going to kick yourself for: 1.) Wasting money on a guitar you really don't want because you're an impatient kid (no offense, I was too at your age). 2.) Putting an even greater distance between you and your future, bigger goals and dreams (ie., owning your dream guitar). Set your sights on the GOAL, WAIT, and WORK FOR IT. Geez f'n louise...
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