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  1. I have been very pleased with M Audio external soundcard: try the Fast Track USB - about $80-100 It comes bundled with software which I wasn't so keen on. I use Acid Music Studio for its loops, simplicity, etc. But some people like the M Audio recording software or other comparable recording software. You can get good amp modeling software for around $80-100. Look into Native Instruments Guitar Rig 3.0; they offer a cheaper version that has less amp models, but the sound is great. Also look into Peavery Revalver MK III; you can also get a cheaper version that has fewer amp models. You can certainly go less or more in price or quality, but these are the tools I use. Lots of people love the Line 6 stuff, but I think that Peavey, or the newer Overloud software has it beat. Just google around for these products and you can get a sense of what is happening. If you have a soundcard, then download the demos and experiment. A lot of these sites have demos you can download to try the software first. Hope this helps.
  2. The Alnico Classic humbuckers in Epiphones will give you the sounds you want for those styles you mentioned. Given that, I think a real limitation of Epiphone guitars are the pickups. Not that they're too bad...it's just that you can put something in that's better. The pups on my Sheraton were very muddy and not very distinct for distorted sounds. That may be what you're running into. My opinion is that a pickup upgrade will give you the clarity you want. I put Duncans in my Epi LP, and the difference was night and day. I'd put the Duncan '59's against Gibson pups any time. So with this switch, I feel I have a very high quality instrument. Duncan does offer a variety of pups for vintage tones - I'd reccomend the '59's (SH-1's) for the styles you're mentioning. Don't leave out Guitar Fetish. Their '59 styled humuckers get lots of good reviews and are a fraction of the price of Duncans. Good luck in the tone quest.
  3. Hey there all... Ran across this recently, wanted to share. Excellent overview of JP's gear. http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=889990 Now, could anyone please post a picture of their EPI LP Standard Plain Top Honeyburst? I really want to see a good photo of one of these. Simply b/c I think Jimmy's #1 has that finish, and I want to see the Epi version. Thanks!
  4. I'll always dive in to a "show yer guitar" type post.....
  5. My Epi LP Custom weighs a lot. Just an FYI. But the hardware is great; tuners are pretty good. I think it needs the switch replaced. I did replace the pups, though.
  6. Just wanted to add my 2 cents to the flame wars that have been going on around here. Why? Do we need another opinion offered? As a newbie guitar modder I learned a lot here earlier this year. Several members jumped up to give me advice, good advice, as it turned out, without being sarcastic, telling me to use the search engine, etc. It gave me some faith in internet forums, that hey, people on these things are cool and giving good advice b/c they love guitars. Also had some great dealings with Twang- he totally took care of me when I wanted to upgrade my Sheraton. Took several back and forth emails, but we got it done for a good price. So again, I got a good impression of this forum. Now after a few months, there's nothing but people flaming each other. (Or at least that's my impression. I still see some useful posts, responses, etc.) What's up with that? What's the point? Why bother? All this crap with the anti-Twang posts are especially negative and unecessary. You should be here to share information that would be of use to other Epiphone players. What pups would be good upgrades; history of your model; some advice on set up; where to get replacement tuners; sharing great photos; sharing some wit and humor; bragging on your great Ebay or CL deal on an Epi; some music theory info; playing/practice advice. Hell, anything but this negativity. OK, had my say. Don't know if I shoulda mentioned anything, or I'm exagerating what I'm seeing around here, or if I'm just a geek for giving a damn about the forum. Just had some positive experience here earlier this year and things seemed to have changed a bit.
  7. Hey all, Since we're in a recession, and times are tight, I was going to thin out the herd after x-mas:-({|= What is the forum's policy on notifying members of items on Ebay? (I don't want to be tagged as a spammer!). Also, does anyone have tips for selling Epiphones on Ebay? Alright, any advice would be appreciated!
  8. Why is this thread continuing? I'm outta here....let me know when the next "Gibson Vs. Epi" posts start rolling again....
  9. Hey all, Just saw this one go on Ebay, and was curious if anyone had some info on these models. And of course.....why don't they make them anymore? Curious also if anyone had one of these, and their thoughts. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&item=350124397643
  10. I've had amazing tonal results with my Epi Sheraton with a Fender Deluxe Rever Reissue - 22 watts, tube. Maybe you need a 15 watt tube amp, a tube screamer, or a boutique overdrive pedal? Just a suggestion...
  11. CB, Thanks again for another post that generates a lot of interesting comments. As usual, I'll post some remarks that may be applicable, some that won't:-# I agree that large retail stores aren't worth much to my mind. There's a lot of new models, lots for younger players looking for high output humbucking guitars on the cheap, and lots of over-pricing. Over the past few years I've found American Musical Supply, Guitar Fetish, and Ebay as my primary sources of purchases. Why pay for the overhead for these large retail chains, when, in my opinion, many of the employees don't know as much as the members of various forums I review? When I lived in Portland, OR, there were many local retailers that provided excellent service, great stock, and knowledgeable staff. When I got to Cleveland, all I had was the large retailers, and was disapointed. I made a few purchases via Ebay this year after trying out guitars at GC...so thanks GC! I'd rather save money through Ebay purchases after I learn the specs of a guitar, or get one used, even, at a great price. That's how I scored my FBird. Well, either way, I am somewhat anti-corporate in my outlook, so if the big retailers go, so be it. I'll still be able to get on Ebay and score pickups, cases, strings, etc. I'd much rather support independent retailers, even if their storefront is in cyberspace. (just to add....I spoke with a lot of retail salespersons this past year at these chains, and most were cool and willing to help/listen/assist, so no offense against guys and gals out there trying to pay the bills working in a guitar store!)
  12. I got GAS bad this year, mostly because of inexpensive guitars available on Ebay. I never really had GAS when I lived by 2-3 music stores in Portland, OR, because of the prices. I couldn't justify pulling the trigger on a $1000 guitar back then (still can't!). But, correct me if I'm wrong, there are some good quality guitars at low prices around these days. Epiphone, obviously, and for around $300-500 you can get yourself a nice guitar, maybe upgrade the pickups, and you've got a really good instrument. So for me, its economics - I can actually afford to indulge in GAS occassionally. As the the artistic/player side of the coin - I've been getting GAS for particular instruments, sounds. So I got my Epi FBird and got min hums in it, cause I wanted to get some mini hums sound. Same with the P90 guitar I have (An Agile AD2300), and a recently acquired HSS MIM strat (wanted to work a trem bar with a humbucker guitar). All of these acquired on Ebay on the cheap. The Epi LP I have was purchased and equipped with Duncan 59's so I could get the CLASSIC Les Paul tone. So a lot of GAS due to trying to get an arsenal of guitar sounds. I am still GASing for a white Epi SG, and wanting to put hum sized P90's in it....well, that's just for its looks, and so I can imitate Pete Townshend in the mirror!:)/ And these guitars look so damn good, too!!
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