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  1. aphawki

    classic cars

    Very cool...been kicking around putting together Factory Five roadster...you know...for those of us that just can't quite afford the real thing!
  2. That looks awesome. I like the color contrast too!!! Great job!
  3. aphawki

    classic cars

    1969 Corvette...20k miles...virgin car. Silver with side pipes. Have pics on work computer will put some up when I go in tomorrow.
  4. Very nice!! Welcome!!!
  5. Good point...I actually just don't like cold in general...so really you could be me anywhere in the cold and I would "hate it". The dakotas always get knocked around it seems like. You are right...in comparison we really don't get it all too bad. From a flood standpoint I got really lucky, we are actually outside of downtown so we really weren't directly effected from the house end of things. My wife's company was right down on the river so they were completely underwater...so she was working from home for quite awhile. The dealership that I now own was actually underwater as well, but that was before I took ownership so that really didn't effect me either. All and all things are pretty well back to normal here in CR post flood. It was not a very fun time for anyone I don't think...but I think we learned a lot as a city on how people can come together quickly!
  6. I actually agree with almost all of this...the only thing that I would say is that Guitar Hero has been kinda good in helping sell at least one Gibson and one Epiphone. I owned Guitar Hero and played it with my kids quite a bit...after I started to actually get good at it I decided to go and get a REAL guitar. Guess what kind I went and bought...Epiphone Les Paul...and not after a couple years of learning how to play it I finally stepped up to a Gibson. I actually agree with everything you are saying when it comes to protecting the rights of the company as well as the designs...but I actually like the ideas that I read about them possibly getting Gibson to ok them before they went out. Oddly enough...guitar players come from all over the place...even Guitar Hero.
  7. Yeah pretty much sucked. Ended up with 9 inches + here...nothing like shoveling all day. Still snowing here actually. I hate Iowa.
  8. We do ours on Christmas Eve as well. Actually I got a Cry Baby Slash wah, MXR Wylde Overdrive, some red cable...guessing to match the wah, a bottle of Burberry cologne and a cool Chicago Bears Rubik's cube...However I didn't get any cool snuggies...which kinda sucks for me.
  9. Iowa...got a few inches last night...still snowing heavy outside.
  10. Oh...and a Chicago Bears Rubik's Cube...nice.
  11. Just thought I would post how well my kids did at the guitar store picking out my Christmas presents this year! Ended up with a Cry Baby Slash wah pedal and an MXR Wylde overdrive pedal. Good job kids!
  12. Wine and gold...love it!
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