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  1. I would & I do. I have traveled there often since I was young and continue to do so. Great country, eh?!? I'll take it a step further .... I can sing the Canadian national anthem by heart.
  2. Frank, that's quite a collection! Any plain tops you have that aren't in that photo?
  3. Thanks! It's Washed Cherry. I took that picture the night I brought it home.
  4. My R8 (I really need some new pictures)
  5. Now THAT is the way a Studio should look! I love the binding and the simple dots on the fretboard!
  6. Yeah, I like that Goddess too...especially the headstock (love the red Gibson logo).
  7. I think it depends on whether you plan on playing it or staring at it. Regardless of the finish you choose you will have a natural aging process with any guitar if it's played on a regular bases - hell, there will be a natural aging process even if you don't play it much. If you had/have your heart set on the white then I'd stick with it. I'd say it's more important to have a guitar that inspires you to pick it up rather than concern yourself with what it will look like in 20 years. Also, don't concern yourself with future value. Unless you own a vintage LP produced during a period in which there were very few made the appreciation is very small...if at all. Buying a brand new LP today is not the same as purchasing a vintage instrument - today there are so many new LP's flooded in the market that there is nowhere for the used price market to climb. How about some pictures?
  8. I wonder how long until Chinese counterfeiters start including fake slips w/those numbers along w/their guitars. Sorry, even if I knew I wouldn't tell you - no need to give our friends in the far east any more information than they already have. If it's available, I'm sure Gibson customer service could give it to you.
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