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  1. Did someone say Marshall?
  2. It looks very dated. Would have been somewhat forward looking in the 70's, but not so much now. I'll pass. Ok, which is worse: The All New Dusk Tiger or The All New Tiger Woods?
  3. That's a pretty bad story, man ... not surprised to hear it though, as there has definitely been an uptick in robbery related crimes this year (thankfully you weren't harmed in the process of the crime). Best of luck in getting it straightened out.
  4. Marshall Vintage Modern 2266 + 425a
  5. It's comical at times reading the various responses on this forum w/respect to chambering. I can't help but wonder how much experience those that dislike them actually have with them. Interesting enough (w/chambering) there is a very good article in the current issue of Guitar World, where they discuss the axology of some guy ... oh, gosh what's his name ... um, some little known guy that I think goes by the name of Gary Rossington (played w/some dopey pub band named Lynyrd Skynyrd or something along those lines) ... anyway, in the article he explains that his current main stage guitar is in f
  6. I've been using these for the past year+ and have been very happy w/them: http://www.samash.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_2251%20Classic%20Rock%20N%20Roll%20Regular%20Slinky%20Pure%20Nickel%20Electric%20Guitar%20Strings%2010_-1_10052_10002_-49999784?cm_mmc=Froogle-_-Electric%20Guitar%20Strings-_-2251%20Classic%20Rock%20N%20Roll%20Regular%20Slinky%20Pure%20Nickel%20Electric%20Guitar%20Strings%2010-_-E2251
  7. That's a hot guitar. This is mine ... the 3 color sunburst w/maple neck ... and yes, the S1 switching: http://www.fender.com/products//search.php?partno=0101202700 I go back and forth w/that and my R8 as to which is my favorite all the time.
  8. I have an American Deluxe that came stock w/the SCN pups - s/s/s configuration. I have thought about putting something along the lines of a Burstbucker 3 in the bridge, but I'm surprisingly really happy w/the SCN's, so I haven't done so yet in the couple years I've owned it.
  9. +1 In your budget range you should be able to find a used DSL or JCM900. Don't waste your money on modeling amps.
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