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  1. Hi All, I used to keep my 335 safely locked in its case, scared of any ding, dent or scratch. It was safe. In its case. Trouble is, I played it once a week, so I decided to take the plunge, and now she spends most her time hanging on my study wall, on a leather 'hook' (which after recent reading I have done is done to be covered in a cotton polishing cloth). Winter has hit here in Australia, and I'm a bit concerned that running our newly installed (dont know how we ever did with out it) reverse cycle ducted air con is going to create problems with the finish. Gibson website and owners manuals seem to suggest that problems only come about with RAPID shifts in temperature: A rapid change in temperature or humidity can result in small cracks in the finish known as "finish checking". In most cases it happens when a chilled instrument is exposed to warm air. It occurs most frequently in the winter when a guitar case is opened in a warm room or studio after being outside. This is a result of the wood expanding faster than the lacquer. While this condition does not affect the tone it certainly does affect the appearance. To eliminate the possibility of this happening to your instrument we recommend you warm it slowly by opening the case slowly and fanning it to induce warm air to circulate over the top. If a bright bluish fog appears on the top, close the case immediately and let it warm up for a few minutes. Then lift the instrument a little bit from the case and allow the rest of it to warm to room temperature. But is there any chance of damage due to the air con drying the air out, or keeping the room too warm? I can turn airflow to the room on or off, but cant adjust the temp seperately from the rest of the house. Any concerns (and what about in summer when I have cold a/c running)? Thanks Todd
  2. ever so rewarding' date=' and much cheaper than my other hobbies too!!!
  3. I'm never big on polls, as these things are so subjective. It's like asking "blonde or brunette?" or "T or A" or "summer or winter" ... but I do enjoy the chance to come in here and get under Murphs skin. :-) So ... 335!
  4. my take - if you're not sure, i'd be telling him a straight swap or no deal. also, I have fallen in love with a number of guitars based on pics and the 'idea' of them, and then fallen straigh out of love when I actually played them, so I would advise definitely getting your hands on one before you consider any swap.
  5. Nope, is he an Aussie or something?
  6. Yeh, I thought it was time to come back so I could remind you how much better 335s (The 'Real Thing') are than 339s!!! :D/
  7. Hi All, I've been away for the forum for a few months, and have come backto find that it seems ... so have the rest of you?? I cant seem to see any posts from July and August, in fact nothing between June 15 and Sept 13, was the forum down or something? Or were you all just waiting for my return?? Incidentally, for 2 weeks of my absence time I was out of town with my wife and daughters, and I have to admit, as well as really missing my dog, I severly missed my 335!! Cheers all. Todd
  8. also, just noticed on the Gallins site they list some "MUSICIANS PRO STORES" in QLD: MUSICIANS PRO STORES QUEENSLAND Brisbane 59 Barry Parade Fortitude Valley, Queensland PH: (07) 3831 5898 fortitudevalley@musiciansproshop.com.au Gold Coast 2590 Gold Coast Highway Mermaid Beach, Queensland PH: (07) 5504 5644 mermaidbeach@musiciansproshop.com.au Gold Coast Shop 3/1 Young St Southport, Queensland PH: (07) 5561 1106 southport@musiciansproshop.com.au
  9. hi beermonkey, where are you in Aus? there are two stores in perth i know who are the biggest dealers of used gibsons. also, the australian distributor has a shop on chapel st in melbourne. any of these guys would probably be able to help. you want some details? Todd
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