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  1. I have used 10-46 gauge strings in brands: D'addario EXL GHS Boomers Ernie Ball Slinky Dean Markley Nickel Steel Electric I kind of favor the GHS and Dean Markley but all are good strings IMO. I get whatever is on sale. I have never tried anything more expensive like Elixer or pure nickel type strings and considering my skill level I don't think the cost is justified. Actually considering my skill level the $1.99 Musician's Gear strings are probably what I should be buying.
  2. I'm sure it is a great product but at $19 retail vs >$1 for a pencil...
  3. How you liking that Bugera amp? Is it the V5?
  4. Personally, I would probably go with the VOX. Their isn't much more to maintaning the hybrid than an SS amp. The single preamp tube should last a long long time before you need to replace it. By then you will probably have gotten other amps anyway. IMO, with the preamp tube that amp should sound better with pedals (should you get any in the future, which you probably will) better than any of the straight SS amps.
  5. Thanks. I have read that the J bass is perhaps a little tighter with less low end than the p bass. Does the Thunderbird have even more low end than the p bass? In a very general way, does the tonal difference between Strats and Les Pauls kind of carry over to the Fender/Squier and Gibson/Epiphone basses?
  6. What are the fundamental differences between the Precision and Jazz bass and the Thunderbird?
  7. What would you suggest for a decent instument cable for home use. I know that for gigging you would want a good quality cable that can stand up to some abuse and sound good. How about for simple home use and practice? I am assuming that super cheap cables can get the job done but you may run into reliability or noise issues. What do you use?
  8. m-theory thanks for the links. I have done some further research and reading and please tell me if I have a basic understanding. The silicon diodes have a low threshold before clipping a signal so it takes the signal grom the guitar and can clip the signal without needing much amplification of the signal. Thus it kind of replicates tube clipping on a much smaller scale. Correct? Now what is the deal boutique pedals? It seems like tubescreamer clones start with the basic circuit and then the designer adds a resistor here a diode there, etc... Seems like someone like you who has knowle
  9. So just cover the guitar and spray it down in between the ring and the little ball pivot on the toggle? No need to open up the back, correct?
  10. The pickup selector switch is sounds scratchy and pops when switching between the three postions. Any quick fixes or how hard is it to replace the switch. I have tried searching the internet but I can't seem to locate a good DIY how to on replacing the switch. The switch is on an Epi LP Special II.
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