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  1. looking at a guitar is one thing, bullshitting for over half an hour (and by the looks of this thread) knowing ahead of time he did not want to trade is another. i would have much rather he told me never mind over the phone.
  2. will, you are an asshole. you wasted well over half an hour of my life knowing ahead of time you didn't want to trade guitars. be a ****ing man and tell me ahead of time there's no deal, don't **** around and waste mine and two of my coworkers time if you didn't want the deal. you are a scumbag who led me on hard and wasted a lot of my time for no ****ing reason. go to guitar center and try out a g400 before deciding you want one and wasting someones time to try one out. i am not a god damn guitar shop, figure your **** out before ****ing someone for your own benefit. btw your wife was a sweetheart and tell her i said hi, but i hope there's a warm spot in hell for you cause you pissed me off bad.
  3. cooler than fender's delonge offering. not by much though, still single knob single humbucker
  4. just bought a G-400 on MF for 250. considering they go for about that used, i don't feel ripped off at all with no tax and free shipping. also the whole "nobody else's greasy hands have touched it" concept with buying online is nice. i'm guessing there are going to be good and bad experiences just like buying from a real life retail outlet, it just takes longer to resolve problems online due to shipping. i'd probably never buy a "high end" ($1000+) guitar online though as that's too much money to not walk out of the store with it in your hands.
  5. i'd consider the vintage guitar market about like muscle cars. they're only going to fetch maximum prices when the generation that grew up lusting for them has the most money to throw around. that could be way wrong though, as old cars are probably a lot more finnicky than the typical vintage axe and there are always timeless classics that will sell high no matter what
  6. almost all forums im on that have a problem with profanity filter automatically. i just assumed by no filter being in place that nobody cared' date=' but i was wrong. BTW b-rad, i dont [b']need[/b] to express profanity, it just comes with the turf when you work construction (and i type about like i talk). like i said, i figured if a forum thinks they have a profanity problem they would filter it on their own. my bad know how that goes...it took UPS roughly 22 hours to ship my guitar the last 50 miles its funny, i joined a week or two back to ask questions about a valve jr and i ended up getting this G-400 when i saw it was on super clearance this weekend on musicians friend. too bad they bumped the price up to 300 again, this thing was a STEAL for 250 im starting to realize the more i play it. hell i wouldnt feel like i got a bad deal at 300. now i really want to get a valve jr so i can hear the G-400 scream through it
  7. i grew a pair and it came off. got the pot tightened and everything's great now. thanks for the views. BTW this guitar rocks for 250 assuming somethings not terribly ****ed up with it.
  8. im not sure if it was a shipping problem or poor craftsmanship, but i need to tighten my rhythm tone potentiometer. this is my first gibson type so i'm not entirely used to knobs being in the wood. anyway, bottom line, how the hell am i supposed to get the metal knobs off (seems to be pirate guitar specific) without scratching the finish on the body? there is no allen or hex screw holding the knob on the potentiometer from what i can tell. the whole potentiometer wiggles around when you turn it too far. im not entirely pissed cause it is a 250 dollar guitar, but getting something ****ed up right out of the box is not fun. i dont want to send it back and wait another week to get one since this guitar is functional.
  9. really depends on what you want, a small modeling amp or a small tube amp. i say the valve jr just because it gives you less distractions so you'll have to focus on your ability to play guitar and not your ability to change amp settings. but if you like a lot of different sounds and kinds of music the g dec might be a better option
  10. interesting thought on the switch, but i'd probably only use it at home and i could just switch amps. considering the micro stack doesnt allow a foot switch, i dont get too worried about changing tone mid song unless i can do it from my guitar. i'll probably try to get a new combo and if i get bored with it i'll check into mods.
  11. excellent. now that ive got most of the theory straightened out i've just got to decide head or combo and if i want to wait for a good deal or say **** it and pay full retail cause i can't wait any longer. hopefully i post back relatively soon with a **** eating grin plastered on my face.
  12. ok so no speaker outs to amp inputs, i understand. not to worry, i used my line out to plug the marshall into the line 6. in reference to the question about running the marshall head without the speaker outs, it says not to power it on without the loudspeakers connected, but i have used it with a single cab multiple times with seemingly no negative issues. i have run it with ONLY line out to the line6 and neither amp screwed up but i will likely not do that anymore. if i want to hook up both as is, it's looking like i'll have to plug my guitar into the marshall amp with one cab hooked up, have the line out from the marshall go to the EVJ input and have the EVJ hook up to the other cab. does that sound like a winner...err at least like something that will "bring the house down" without literally burning the house down? it would open up ridiculous tonal variety having two different outputs but i really want to have the tube amp first. the bitmo 10-uator looks like something ill have to check into. from the looks of it, i could get a v3 combo amp and use the 8" as well as both of my 10"s via the marshall head since the 10uator has line out as well as a separate speaker out that claims to be adjustable from 4, 8, or 16 ohms thanks for putting up with my severe case of stupid, you guys are a TON of help. to be honest im surprised you havent run me off to a marshall forum to see if any of them have done this.
  13. no, but i own a computer that takes me to all sorts of internet sites with smart asses who can teach me stuff i don't know through minor ridicule. now, that said, the marshall has a CD input (that i assume can take a powered output?). minus hooking the EVJ output straight into the guitar input of the marshall, is there a way to make this work using full capability of both amps and both speakers?
  14. i've already got the micro stack and after hooking the head up to my buddy's line 6 spider II 212 combo it really got me thinking about getting something to hook mine up to. i figured if 15 watts of marshall can give a 120 watt solid state some balls and WAY better distortion, then if i plugged into an EVJ and hooked it up to the marshall input, i'd be able to get some huge cojones out of some small packages things i am not sure about the speaker outs on the marshall are 16 ohm. could i use the 16 ohm output jack on the EVJ straight into the marshall input and let the marshall worry about driving the 2 10's? would i lose all my tube sound through the marshall or would it basically act like a distortion pedal from hell (i hope it's the latter)? how retarded would it be to build an EVJ head into my mg15ms head (the head works perfectly)? on ebay someone is basically selling the guts of an EVJ minus the chassis. i'm not big into wiring (only redone some guitar wiring) but i'm a pretty quick learner and as long as there are diagrams i can likely figure out what i'm doing without getting electrocuted. i've always thought about building a tube head into the marshall eventually and this would definately be the way to go about it since i could mod it later and add settings/knobs assuming worst case scenario that i can't hook up both heads together, how would i go about hooking up two 16 ohm speakers into the EVJ? would i lose a lot of sound by using a Y out from the EVJ? which output jack would i plug into for two 16 ohm speakers put in parallel? general EVJ questions...is there any point to getting the combo since i already have 2 10" speakers? is there some sort of way to rig multiple speakers together (of similar or dissimilar ohm ratings) so i won't be itching to go buy a 4x12 cab? If any of these questions or plans are retarded please flame away, but if you or anyone you know has tried any of these please fill me in. i don't know much, but i know i am already in 200ish on the marshall setup and want to try something tube. i WILL be getting some sort of EVJ, so i guess my final question is really what's your opinion of the best way to combine these two.
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