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  1. Hmmmmm... that is indeed curious....
  2. any sort of Ibanez is a good choice, in my opinion. i learned to play on a cheap ibanez and i still pick it up when i need a lower action guitar.
  3. wow. Yasi is frickin amazing! to have that much talent at such a young age, i bet she will end up doing something great. as for me, im 16 and have some hard practice ahead of me
  4. well, as long as the playings really good, right!
  5. This chick kicks ***- this is also one of my favs-
  6. you know, the sad thing is that it actually took me a minute to decode that XD
  7. dont worry about it! youve offered enough advise as it is! hahahaha! thanks!
  8. thanks! any advice on the "Bark at the Moon" sound?
  9. so, i have an epiphone tube amp(a 30 Watt blues custom), a good overdrive pedal and a multi effects pedal(which i love) and it seems like every time i get a good sounding amount of distortion, or get it in a good balance, it loses its edge. it becomes to muddy
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