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    Midtown bass

    They are a LOT of show ... like I said, I use a Boss bass EQ ... really cool! Nice neck!
  2. Garvoon

    LP care

    I have guitars and amps going back to the 60s and I, to this day, clean them regularly. Sweat from where my arm rests dulls the finishes on my 1976 LP Standard, my two SGs and my two Gibson basses. I use GHS polish after a gig or two, depending on how heavily used, and remove the dulled areas with the polish. I like to preserve my stuff. The attached thumbnail is my 1976 LP Standard ... I have the original tailpiece, but on this one, I put a TP-6 fine tuning tailpiece. Oddly, enough, it IS NOT a two piece body. It's one piece and there's a large "ski slope" (volute) behind the base of
  3. I have one (Pelham blue) and love it.
  4. Garvoon

    Midtown bass

    I have a Pelham blue Midtown bass and I do love it. Yes, there were a few shortcuts in finishing, but not too major. Binding on the neck is a little under-flush ... minor stuff like that. One other thing is that the neck pick-up is less on output compared to my SG bass. The reason being, the pickup is set much lower on the Midtown bass. Yes, bringing the screws up helps a little, but I use my Boss bass EQ and overcome that glitch nicely. However, it is set up nicely. I did a few minor tweaks. The intonation was spot on. I did go with D'Addario flat wound long scale strings (.045-.100) ...
  5. Thanks for everything ... you all sure saved me from getting the wrong switch! We'll have to jam sometime!!! Party on!
  6. Searching the archives here, I found a couple of comments that the Gibson LP pickup switch won't fit an Epi LP? Any ideas on what would fit? One of All Parts medium long switches? Thanks
  7. Man, what a ton of info on caps. Fascinating stuff ... thank you all. On another note, replacing the switch ... All-Parts has a medium and long switch (for Les Pauls). Seeing how the Epi pots use the short posts (insteead of long as in a Gibson), what's recommended here? Medium or long. Or, Gibson or DiMarzio? What works best? THANKS!
  8. THANKS to ALL OF YOU! What a boat load of very helpful info. Matt D./AnthemBassMann ... I went to Wymore ... http://www.shop.wymoreguitars.com/product.sc?categoryId=30&productId=242 The fourth one down (Wiring Kit, Les Paul, Short Shaft, Orange Drops ), is that the set you're talking about? Thank you ALL! The National GarvOOn
  9. Thanks a ton! I appreciate it. Party on!
  10. I've put Gibson '57 Classic/Classic Plus pickups in my Epi quilt top (blue) Les Paul. I want to put in new, better quality pots ... any preferences with either Gibson or DiMarzio pots? I'm assuming I'd need to use the long shaft as opposed to the short shaft. Also, would it be advisable to put in new caps or just continue using the originals? Curiosity - What's the advantage of using a 1 meg pot as opposed to a 500K pot. Thanks!!! PS - Those Gibson '57 pickups really sound GREAT!!!
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