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  1. I recently swapped the stock Eminence "Lady Luck" 12" speaker in My Valve Junior cabinet for a 20 year old Celestion Greenback. Now my Valve Junior sounds like a "real" amp. The Lady Luck technically gets the job done, but it leaves a lot to be desired in the higher mid range and treble end of the sound spectrum. Which, after all, is really what great tube tone is all about. If you think your Valve Junior sounds like it has a wet blanket over the speaker, perhaps a speaker swap is in order. I just lucked out and happened to have a killer vintage speaker sitting around and collecting dust. I'm quite pleased with the mod.
  2. Take it in for the appraisal, find out what, they will give you for it, then put it up on ebay. Use the price the shop wanted to buy it for as your starting price, and the appraisal price as your reserve. What ever you do don't sell it to the same shop that did the appraisal. Seriously, some pics would help. Got a serial number?
  3. Something about the gold hardware against the faded finish looks very apealing. It's kinda like classy/trashy. I like it. Not sure about tha speed knobs, though. The knobs on the SG are too close together for speed knobs. Bell style reflector knobs would be cooler IMO. I remember seeing reflector knobs that had gold reflectors (instead of silver), online somewhere. Stew Mac maybe. Just a thought.
  4. Now that was some great playing. Really great playing. However, the drummer is the unsung hero in that clip. Great playing all around.
  5. Epiphone probably even payed them a few bucks as well. From what I heard, they all got the instruments at the same time while on a trip to the states. The Beatles could have "bought" any guitars they wanted. Yet, they all chose to "buy" and play the same brand, at the same time. HMM??? I'm sure there was a little more than magical tone and playability involved. I just picture Brian Epstien saying "Boys you are goning to play these guitar for a while. We'll be taking a trip to the Epiphone factory in a town called KAL-A-MA-ZOO." Followed by Beatle laughter and Brian saying "Once there, you can pick out any guitar you want.". The whole time grinning to himself because the 10 grand that the boys at Epiphone slipped him was burning a hole in his pocket.
  6. The simple fact of the matter is that he blurted that statment out at the end of a sloppy take. .We've all done it. You blame everything, but your self. It's like an outfielder, trying to catch a fly ball, with the sun in his eyes, and missing. He says "the sun was in my eyes.". It didn't seem, to me, that Lennon was really mocking the guitar. Who know's how long the session went on for? I say, it was either a bad set up, or John hadn't played the guitar or had a set up done in a while. We all know what can happen to a hollowbody that's propped up in a corner for a year. Especially one that has no finish on it. Perhaps he took a vacation from playing guitar for a while, and lost his calluses. Maybe, after The Beatles broke up, he didn't even want to look at a guitar for a while. This is also shortly after the time that he had spent kicking his (rumored) heroine adiction. We all want to picture the guy with a guitar strapped to him 24/7, but that probably wasn't the case. Bottom line, we all know that he liked that guitar. No one has to take the title of this thread litteraly. It's safe to love your Casinos again. Personally, I'll take the Daphne Blue Stratocaster that George Harrison's playing in that clip over Lennon's guitar any day.
  7. I'm not really feelin' this guy either. Yes, he's technically good, but that only goes so far, IMHO. When you put a video up that has the title "World's Greatest Guitar Player"....you better bring it. Also, trying to pass that performance off as a "Texas Blues" style solo wasn't the best idea.
  8. It reminds me of the Les Paul George Harrison played on the promo film for "Revolution".
  9. 14:1 means you have to turn the key 14 times to get one revolution from the tuning post. 18:1 means you have to turn the key 18 times to get one revolution.
  10. Cookieman, is that a Classic Series 50's Strat on the right? I have a surf green one that I scored off Craig's List for $87. The silly kid that sold it to me didn't think it was worth much. He wanted $100, but I talked him down to $87. I'm not paying $100 for a used guitar that has scratches on it. LOL!
  11. In some of the pics I've seen, there seems to be a block of wood, near the neck joint, that doesn't match the rest of the top. What is that? Is it part of the neck joint? Is it part of the neck it's self? I've seen it quite a few times
  12. Mr. Jones, that BFG is friggin' sweet. I didn't care for the looks of those when they first came out. I had only seen that dirty looking black finish in pictures. That natural finish is really something else. It sort of reminds me of snake skin. I'm liking that guitar a lot. I wonder what they're going for on the used market right now.
  13. What kind of logo is it? Pearloid inlay or gold silksreen? Please, post some pics. Let's see what it looks like. If you are refinishing the guitar you should leave the front of the headstock black anyway. Most Gibsons/Epiphones have black headstocks. Just mask of the front of the headstock, then sand and refinish the rest. When you spray your clear coats, remove the masking tape, rough up the face of the haed stock a little with some steel wool, and spray away. It will look come out looking more original than if you sanded the headstock down to bare wood.
  14. WedgeSG hit the nail right on the head. Why would you want a speaker cabinet to resonate? I'd figure, the more dead the wood was; the better material it would be as a speaker cabinet.
  15. I noticed that one of the upgrades on that gutar is a set of locking tuners. I never understood the purpose of locking tuners. I can see them being helpful while restringing, but how do they aid in tuning stability? Once the string is wound around the post a few times, how does the locking tuner make a difference? Am I missing something?
  16. Damn, I didn't know that. I've been ordering strings from MF with $5 shipping. Now I feel like an MF. Thanks for the heads up.
  17. Yeah, I got a POD 2.0 for $100 bucks at a pawn shop a few months ago. Once you read the manual, and figure out how to do all of the tweaking, you can get just about any sound out of it. It was well worth the 100 bucks I spent.
  18. This whole argument seems kind of stupid to me. Should we stop educating kids to say no to drugs, because it might give some the idea to start doing drugs? How about we stop promoting safe sex as well? I have yet to see a thread or a post that promotes these fake guitars. If there were, we all know that the moderators would be all over it. The last thing we neen is more censorship on this forum.
  19. I wouldn't advise doing it. It might add a nice personal touch for you, but it would totaly detract from the resale value. If you must, you could use some 0000 steel wool knock the gloss down, but please don't post any pics when your done.
  20. I get some nice Blues sounds out of my Fender DeVille 212. I read that Peter Green plays through the 410 version of the DeVille these days. I would have prefered the 410, but I got such a good deal on the 212 ($450) that I could not pass it up. These amps have the richest bottom end and three seperate channels. Clean, drive, and more drive. It breaks up at fairly low volumes, which I like (some do not). The only down side of the DeVille is that the reverb is a little too overbearing. It goes from nothing to way too much at around 2 or 3.
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