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  1. I hear this about P90s all the time, and I don't understand it. I've played guitars w/P90s (I also use guitars with hb's) for years and years, I gig with them, I practice with them, sometimes, I even use a SS amp. I never get this 'Noisy' thing everyone talkes about. Some of the places we play are an electrical nightmare, voltages are all over the place, crappy grounding, bad dimmers, neon signs, un-regulated generators, boat docks, et al. I've never once had to put down a P90 guitar for a hb one because of noise. Now sure, if your gain is maxed, and you use pedals maxed, or, if you stand right next to your amp, you will get noise.
  2. there seems to be alot of "Where did my es 3-- come from?" My 2012 COA says Nashville CS- the label inside the guitar says Memphis, the case says Custom Shop- go figure, it doesn't really matter- they are both made in the great state of TENNESSEE! (starts humming "Rocky Top")
  3. I'd pick the woman that brings it all, and gives it all-Susan Tedeschi
  4. I have yet for them to honor any coupons at Guitar Center- there is always a loophole for them-
  5. things that are different between a Sheraton and a 335 Sheraton: Maple neck, Mahogany center block, 335: Mahogany neck, maple center block, taken from the respective websites imo you could never really get them to sound/play the same and with my experince with both EPI dots, etc, and Gibson 335s this seems to be true.
  6. I thought he supposedly "stopped touring " about 15-20 yrs ago- there was a big hubbub made about it then, the next thing you see him popping up everywhere, then starting the Crossroads Festival- He might be able to retire as many times as KISS has!
  7. Well, maybe old-school would be a better description- but I like it this way! This forum doesn't seem to attract the usual trolls and spam, drama, and bs that a lot of sites have. It seems that the stupid people are too lazy to deal with this forum, so, they go away, leaving it to the people who really love guitars, and like to share information.
  8. I've seen this before- kind of reminds me of programmed robots
  9. ..."So after we finished up and were chatting,, the guitar player was showing off his LP custom that he said he got for so cheap that he didn't even want to say what he paid. The bass player got it for him and also bought himself one." At that point I would have said-" did you ever stop to think why you got it so cheap?" but that's just me- Some folks don't care who made the guitar- that's its not a real Gibson, all they know is: "I have a Les Paul!"
  10. I can't fault a guy for making an honest living- Blues players don't seem to have much longevity, it's not a mass-selling artform. You have to admit, he's one of the hardest working guys in the biz. But, oversaturation can hurt you more than help sometimes-(Duck Dynasty anyone?) And, I do think its a bit presumtious constantly being refered to as "The New BLUES TITAN" Still, if people wanna buy into all the accessories, why not make it available to them? Make it when and while you can Joe! Maybe his goal is to be the wealthiest blues player in history! Contrary to public opinion, pro musicians are in it to be succesfull, and make money. I never heard any musician say- "I just want to express my art- you can keep all the money I make"
  11. marvar


    fried Twinkies- fried Ice Cream- Heck, anything, as long as its deep fried! (Yes, I'm from the southern U.S.)
  12. I've heard more than one time that Joe Elliot from Def Lep laid him out with one punch- I did sound for the guy in the early 90s, what a ****- in his rider, it states that no one is allowed to speak to, or, even look him in the eye, unless he speaks to you first!
  13. the paper said marvar always played from the heart-
  14. ... I have no idea what you're talking about I've been playing for 40+years, and I don't understand any of this-
  15. not sure about that, I haven't been there in a long time- I do know he sells lots of Martins
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