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  1. Greatgawdamighty, don't give 'em any ideas!
  2. You will do much better with a Masterbilt than with a Martin--a new one, anyway--in that price range. Low end Martins are not very well made, and of a kind of pressed-wood. The unvarnished necks feel very rough, too. The Epi M'bilt will be all solid wood and well put together. Problem right now is that Epiphone has pulled all the Masterbilt models save two or three, I believe. Not as much choice as when I got mine, an AJ500RC 12-fret, now discontinued. There is, though, a chance you can find a decent (at least solid-top) used Martin in the high end of that price range.
  3. Not doubting that you looked, but aren't a lot of the newer Joe Passes from Indonesia--which brings up the question: how about the Indonesian-made Epis?
  4. At one point, I was ready to pull the trigger on a Hohner model with solid top and ovangol lam back and sides, dreadnought-size. Great volume, a very balanced sound and good action. I'm thinking McTell/Leadbelly action. I think the model was HW90. It is now discontinued, but they show up on ebay from time to time. Would've been $345 new. It went away before I got to it. Ya snooze...
  5. I can certainly see it with a 12-string; however, my favorite sounding 12 string is the Martin J-15--sorry they're not around anymore. Also, a bit confused about Martin's J-categorization--how big is it *really* compared to the Gibson/Epi "jumbo." More standard body configuration, but does it encompass as much volume as the Gibs? But that 15 sure sounded sweet, and for a long time now I've been of the opinion that the all-mahogany Martins are very underrated and a great deal.
  6. I'm wondering if this might also mean some expansion in offerings of OO or even O sized guitars. Actually, there seems to be more offerings in "parlor" sized (that would O, for the most part) guitars lately. Back in '07 when I got my Masterbilt AJ500RC, I swore up and down that I would only be getting a smaller body--OOO or smaller. I'm an acoustic blues player, fingerpicking mostly, and figured I needed something with more of a high-end cutting sound. Was playing a Gibson LGO (all-'hog) till band members said I needed more volume. I got the 12-fretter. Very surprised at myself when I
  7. One question about the non-reverse FBs--do they have the thru-neck of the originals? Seems to me I read somewhere that they didn't.
  8. I think you may have missed my satiric point, pointed at Epiphone's current marketing. In fact, I am an owner of one of the "12-fret..." etc. Epiphones (AJ500RC 12fret) about which you ask in another posting.
  9. Really. I mean, would Zakk Wylde be caught dead performing with a 12-fret, slot-head, V-profile neck, non-electric acoustic??? I think not! So, why bother y'know!? (Oh, gee, watch--the next vid someone will post will be ZW playing "a 12-fret, slot-head, V-profile neck, non-electric acoustic." Maybe a Van Ronk song cuz of the movie, or Blind Blake cuz he's just into it. Would be just my luck. Sigh!)
  10. Otis Rush and early Johnny Winter. Aw shucks, it says "show." You'll have to take my word for it. Maybe someone will be so kind...
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