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  1. The Slash Sunburst he is advertising , First off shows a case that isn't the one that comes w/ Slash guitar and says korea humbuckers? they all come with Alnico II pro's., or any of the other things that come w/ Slash Tobbacco Burst Guitar. I bought one and i don't think i'd buy any one of those he has advertised, but that's just me. As Richochet already stated, sorry
  2. This Epi. is listed on craigs list in my city and all it says is " Red Fpiphone w/ hardshell case" $200 no other info. this is the only pic. What is it? Is it worth $200? i know pic. isn't good. Any ideas? thanks in advance.
  3. I know the amp is pretty much cut out of the pic., but any ideas on which VJ that is?
  4. Is there a site that i can go to to see the different models, v2, v3 etc. i have the chance to buy a vjr, but reading all the post/threads about v2, v3 how do i tell?
  5. That's kind of what i was thinking. I certainly dont NEED it, there is no comparison from the SG to what i have. An extra guitar to play around, experiment with. My 8 year old nephew wants a guitar like mine, but he'd probably be happy w/SG.
  6. True, i have been looking at them on and off, alot lately (maybe that;s telling me something) and i can get a g-400 vintage new for $260. i'd have to drop p-90's in right off the bat. i do have a chance to get a used 310 with an Epi. Valve Junior combo amp for $250, but if i'm gonna put out that much for a SG i want to get one w/set neck. although that is a good deal.
  7. I know ultimately the decision is mine, but is a 4 yr old SG Special worth $50. I have seen them, but never picked one up or played one. They go for $179 at GC new. I know that they are bottom of the line for Epi. would you or wouldn't you? Thanks
  8. I got an extended warranty that is for 10yrs through Guitar Center.
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