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  1. I have a Masterbilt with the new eSonic2 system. It's certainly different but in my opinion, not complicated. What complexity it does have is worth the benefits I think. The output of the new eSonic2 preamp is either MONO (both pickups summed together using a standard 1/4 cable) or STEREO (each pickup out their respective outputs - NanoMag and NanoFlex - using two (2) standard 1/4 cables). I route the NanoFlex (bridge) to channel 1 of the PA and pan it to about 9 o'clock. I route the NanoMag (neck) to channel 2 of the PA and pan it to about 3 o'clock. I like the sound of the NanoMag best for bass so I boost the bass tone control on it. I like the sound of the NanoFlex best for the treble so I boost the treble tone control on it. The effect is that when I strum the strings, the sound appears to move from left to right. It really opens up the sound of the guitar. It's amazing and makes the guitar sound huge. I've also experimented with adding a Chorus pedal to only one output (NanoMag or NanoFlex). That's a very cool effect as well. Reverb or Flanger can we used in the same way also. I don't know of any other system (especially in this price range) that can do those things. Personally, I like the new system.
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