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  1. Ah that's good news. Thanks for the info guys. I'll have a look see if mine is stamped.
  2. Hi guys, I have an old ('67 I believe) es-330. It's a great guitar, I love it. It seems to be missing its sticker inside, and after looking at a few pics online I've seen others with no stickers. Was this a common thing in the late '60s or has mine just come off or been removed? Cheers, Jonny
  3. Posted before but took a couple more pics today! I absolutely love this guitar!
  4. My 73/74 335. Absolutely love this guitar. Not 100% original, replaced bridge as original corroded very badly, replaced tuners, a couple of very old filled holes by the vol/tone controls possibly for coil tap switches and the bigsby, probably not factory fitted but it's been on an awful long time! Stunning guitar, my only electric now.
  5. Hi there guys, Does anyone have experience of using a Bigsby B3 on a Casino? I've had a couple with B7's fitted which I liked very much but I'd like the option of returning to a trapeze without leaving screw holes in the top. Here's my Casino An old pic, the guy I bought it from took it but you get the idea.
  6. My new (to me) epi casino. Made in Japan in '85 I think. Awesome guitar!
  7. Neil Young Nick McCabe John Martyn johnny Marr No particular order
  8. Wow.. Almost my dream guitar... I say almost as why have they not given it a frequensator as these guitars had in 1966? It baffles me ax to why they go to the trouble of creating the "1966 reissue" but miss off such a big feature? Now please don't get me wrong I think this is gonna be such a cool guitar but I can't help feeling a tiny bit disappointed... That said I'll try a get one and put a bigsby bad custom plate on it
  9. It's a nice guitar but not original at the end of the day. I've looked at some of the seller previous auctions and they're asking £1200 for a Korean casino with upgraded pickups and parts etc...as you said "shooting for the moon"!
  10. There was a picture on the Epi blog a few months back that showed someone working on a computer image of a Union Jack guitar so maybe it is happening? And next year is the 20th anniversary of Definitely Maybe.... It's not really my cup of tea in the Union Jack finish but its nice to see Epi bringing more models out etc.
  11. Hello all, Thought I'd share what I've just spotted...on the Epi website there is a video for the new pro-bucker pickup. There on the wall behind the demo guy is what looks like the small bodied (339 sized) casino, a Zak Wylde style Flying V and Union Jack Sheraton, with frequensator and mini humbuckers. Looks interesting for any Noel/oasis fans out there.
  12. Hi Nick, Noel's Riviera was an early 80's Japanese matsumoku made Epi Riviera. They're great guitars, I have one in antique sunburst like Bonehead played, and used to have a wine red one like Noel's. They're going up in value of late, especially over here in the uk. The nearest current epiphone model is probably the Sheraton ii. And welcome to the forum...lots of info to be found here!
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