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  1. Jack Black 'School of Rock"...some of the kids were actualy pretty good...
  2. Pretty cool Stones pics, was that Brian with a Gretsch 2nd pic down?... man Keith looks old now
  3. Keith used, around 1964-65, a Les Paul and Brian and Keith started using those Gibson Firebirds as well, Brain mostly used a Firebird and a white Vox Teardrop Live, not sure what they recorded with.
  4. I record with canned drums and find rhythm takes are more in groove with them... then we add real drums... I am a very nervous person by nature and after having a bad day, I can find my hands becoming sweaty and hitting the wrong frets with some of my fingers, usualy my friends will laugh at me then I pay back once they mess up...I also find the rhythm the hardest, sometimes missing a bar, adding a bar, unless I write the m down
  5. It's understandable after all, it's a piece of art to be heard by others. I used to be the same, its just a form of stage fright, but recorder fright. I do like to use the punch in feature after I get tired of trying to record all in one take..as for your girlfriend, she wont care if you make any mistakes and if she isnt musicaly inclined, she wont notice anyway...
  6. Gota love scales in the long run:^o
  7. I had one, but don't want another....dont know if I'll keep the epi I got, eBay may see it...
  8. I bought the new Firebird Studio, it really stays intune with Gibson's Steinberg tunersand it plays like butter...its a bit cumbersome
  9. 52 and playing and singing since 11
  10. I use a kyser, but it does press down a bit too hard and pulls the strings a bit sharp, I like to try a Shubb, I think it is adjustable. As for setup and a Kyser, if you press the strings too hard with your fingers, it will also go sharp and sound out of tune.
  11. Made overseas, but this brings the price down until the transport cost becomes too high...
  12. I was told the guitars were made in China and setup/inspected in the US or country they would be sold in...this was re-routed from the USA, unless epi has offshore inspectors working in behalf on the USA....or inspected here and shippped to the selling country, if it was direct from China or was said to be from there directly, then I would worry a bit...
  13. thats a #1 inspector's tag... you bought this from the USA?
  14. Epiphone's quality control inspects each guitar and if doesnt meet epi's standards, it will be stampted with a 2nd on the back of headstock...I own a 2nd Dot Studio...
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