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  1. Hi all About the same time i post this i emailed Gibson and they informed me that the serial was not consistant of an Epiphone Guitar and that they beleived it was fake. So i have since got a refund. Yes Codemonk not a good sign if the site has been suspended. Thank you all for your help and advice on this, you were all very helpfull. I will NEVER buy a guitar from ebay and i would advise anyone whos thinging about it not to unless you are 100% sure the guitar your buying is geniune. My plan now is to take a drive up to Guilford and buy and nice new Gibson SG, its a little more money but im told it should be worth it. Cant wait!! Thanks again all Muzzy
  2. Unfortunately i have not other LP to compare it to so as far as i can tell the quality looks ok. theres the odd not so perfect bit but i think it was that bad.
  3. Hi all I have had a response fromt he seller and they have told me they have been told it an epiphone i.e. not fake but im still questioning why it has a sticker saying it was inspected and setup in the US when it was sent from China. So i have email Gibson again and asked if this is common, if its not then i will be getting a refund. Will let you all know how it goes when gibson reply.
  4. Thank you everyone. im now gonna go back to the person i got it from and try and get a refund. Thanks again.
  5. no from the uk but it was delivered from china.... i assumed from the factory.
  6. thanks guys. unfortunately the silverbursts are hard to find but i might give Sheik Yerbouti's suggestion a go.
  7. The person i got it from (www.bestepiphone.com) says they buy from a gibson supplier and i check out the code with one of those decoder things but i know neither means the genuine.
  8. Hi all Im worried my guitar is fake and was hoping someone could look at some pictures and the serial and see if you think it is or not. The serial is EE08026845 and the pics are here I hoping i just being stupid but have a really bad feeling. Thanks Muzzy
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