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  1. wow so it must mean that i am one of the youngest members (19)
  2. humm ok i'll try and find a good one. thank you for your help, once again ;)
  3. up to €300 if possible... if not you can always suggest any amp you recommend and its price. if i eventually decide for one of those it just meant i had to wait a little longer to buy it, wich wouldn't in any case be a problem. P.S. humm i just noticed that the majority of users are from usa, so make it around 470 dollars. i'm sure i can find any product you name in europe for its correspondant price.
  4. i'm using a little 20w amp that came with my first guitar, a strat copy i bought some years ago. im thinking about buying a new amp next month, when the next paycheck arrives :D/ maybe if i get a good amp i wn't need to alter the guitar itself, like CharlieBrown said. i thought about a 60w amp, any suggestions on that, for the sound i look for? thank you all for your help ;)
  5. After that post i made here long time ago about lp customs, i finally bought one. that "little thing" is so fantastic and has a beautiful sound. i am thinking about doing some modifications on it in the future, but just when the warranty expires. i wanted the guitar to have a more powerful roar, more metal-oriented. can you suggest me some pickups to turn it into a metal goddess? by the way, i just love its killing look with the gold hardware. if i traded the pups was there any way of having two gold ones also, not to spoil its image? thank you from this epi rookie P.S. as from what i read, it is policy of the forum to show new guitars, so here it is mine. it's not the best of photos but it's the only one i took yet.
  6. humm ok you helped me to make up my mind. i think i'll go with the two pickup custom. thank you all who helped me
  7. hi there everyone. can anyone tell me the major diferences between the regular custom ebony and the custom black beauty other than the second one having 3 pickups? which guitar you think would be most suitable to play hard rock with?
  8. it is really sad, since i just love that guitar.... i found only one shop, in brazil, that still sells them, but they dont ship it to europe... anyway.. i think i'll have to go with my second choice, an epi lp custom, ebony or white. any thoughts on a great shop around europe (portugal, spain, uk, france and germany, preferabilly) that sells them at a good price and can send them over to portugal? thank you very much again
  9. hello there. i wanted to ask something to all those members of this forum who might know anything about good music shops. for a long time now, i have been looking for an epiphone les paul custom wine red to buy, but i can't seem so find one. and since i live in portugal, there aren't a lot of shops that are connected with gibson. even though the guitar was a limited edition (i think) does anyone know of a shop in europe that sells it at a reasonable price and can send it to portugal? thank you very much to everyone who can help me with this query.
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