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  1. You may want to investigate a Kahler. I put one on a LP I built, and I'm pretty happy with it. It requires less routing than a Floyd, and the tuning stability (with a telflon-impregnated nut and locking clamp) is fine. It does hurt sustain a bit, but you'll get near Floyd-like range. I also like that you can adjust it to feel more like a Strat trem, which is nice for a subtle "waver" effect.
  2. I went for the B7 and roller bridge. It was a little more than the B70, but I felt it was worth it, given the moving parts could affect tuning stability, yada yada yada. But the bigger reason I did it was I wanted my Straplok end pin to fit without needing to move it.
  3. I love my Alleykat. I put a Bigsby on it recently so I could do that "wavering" thing, and it didn't affect the tone at all. The neck on mine is like a small C shape, which fits my hand perfectly. I'd highly recommend it, though you'll probably need to swap out some of the pots (mine were scratchy and non-responsive).
  4. Some of rock's best "lead players" were really amazing at playing rhythm....Hendrix, Van Halen, Page, Rhoades, etc. I remember when I arrived at college, and a guy saw me with my ax and said "whaddaya play, lead or rhythm." I simply replied "Neither. I play guitar." Seriously, the most interesting parts of most rock/pop songs are the rhythm parts, especially when you get into inversions, voice leading, substitutions and mixing chords and single-note riffs. And, most of the really great leads are played over interesting rhythm guitar parts and/or chord progressions. Plus, if you've ever sat around and played solo guitar, there's nothing better than being able to 'combine' lead and rhythm parts, something you'll have a much more difficult time doing simply by copping solos. My $.02.
  5. My first (and only to this point) is my 2000 Alleykat in Cherry Sunburst. I had owned a couple of other semi-hollowbodies, like the Artcore AF75, but I really wanted something with better upper fret access and a slightly thinner body. I actually tried a G*bson ES-137 which sounded great, but I didn't like the neck on the Classic (too thick for my taste). I tried an Alleykat and really liked the slender neck, nice flamey top and NY humbucker in the neck position, which really adds a nice dimension to the standard neck humbucker sounds. It's also nice to have a master volume; I can set the individual pickup volume levels and forget 'em, and use the MV to dirty up or clean up the sound as I please. It's also a great size for a smaller guy such as myself; the body size is in between an ES-335 and an LP. I just added a Bigsby B7, and this has become one of my favorites to play.
  6. I just installed a Bigsby B7 (the USA made one) on my AlleyKat, and it wasn't too difficult. It seems to work great, and it probably helps that I also got a roller bridge and Grover locking tuners which really helps it stay in tune.
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