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  1. My only question was is gibson using 500 k push/ pull. volume pots on a 2014 Gibson traditional pro II les paul, that’s all ...
  2. Ok so are these(500k) push/ pull pots are what Gibson is using on the pcb board
  3. Are the push pull pots 500k or ??
  4. Would anyone know what the values(500k or ??) would be on the push/pull volume pots on the Gibson pcb board, the guitar is a Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro II
  5. So what would the volume pots be on the 2014 traditional pro II
  6. My guitar is a 2014 Gibson Les Paul traditional pro II Floyd Rose
  7. What I meant was are the volume pots 500 k or 300 k
  8. What value are the volume pots on the Quick Connect PCH board
  9. Anyway it’s a great sounding pickup
  10. Can someone clarify the specs of the Gibson Super 57,Thanks
  11. Gibson 498t pickup in the bridge..
  12. Well the pickups(498t-490)finally came in today and the guitar sounds fantastic.I guess Gibson is having some issues with there pickups.
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