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  1. So what would the volume pots be on the 2014 traditional pro II
  2. My guitar is a 2014 Gibson Les Paul traditional pro II Floyd Rose
  3. What I meant was are the volume pots 500 k or 300 k
  4. What value are the volume pots on the Quick Connect PCH board
  5. Anyway it’s a great sounding pickup
  6. Can someone clarify the specs of the Gibson Super 57,Thanks
  7. Gibson 498t pickup in the bridge..
  8. Well the pickups(498t-490)finally came in today and the guitar sounds fantastic.I guess Gibson is having some issues with there pickups.
  9. since january this year i bought it new i play though a modded marshall plexi.
  10. This never happen before when I got the guitar.
  11. Yes they have nickel covers,do you think they analized this issue correctly????The high pitch squeal happens when the tone control is on 10(bridge postion)what else can it be???.They also tried the guitar using different amps and the samething happens.
  12. To make a long story short both pickups on my 2013 Gibson Les Paul studio are microphonic.I took the guitar to a Gibson authorize repair shop and they came to the conclusion that both pickups,thats right both pickups(498t and 490) are microphonic that is unreal.So its taking over two weeks and still no replacement pickups.
  13. I forgot to post back on this issue anyway played the guitar though other amps and the squealing continues.Took the guitar to a Gibson service center and the tech there played the guitar though other amps and the squealing was present the tech put a phone call to Gibson to ask a Gibson tech what would cause this problem.The guitar has the pc board mounted pots and the pickup ends have the quik clips connecting to the board.Waiting to here back from the tech,what can cause this???
  14. My amp is a modded Marshall plexi it has a master volume and also lower filtering to add more gain its basicly a jcm 800 on steroids.
  15. When I turn the tone control say down to 8 its stops squealing but when I turn it up to 10 it squeals.
  16. When I have my tone knob on 10(Bridge pickup tone control) there is a squeal coming though the amp only when its on 10 what would cause this ??
  17. You think Gibson Pots the 498t pickups well???
  18. My modded Marshall plexi does have alot of gain maybe I should lower the pickup alittle and see what happens.
  19. Has anyone experianced a new(new as in a new 2013 Gibson Les Paul Studio)498t to be microphonic.Could it also be that I might have it to close to the strings.
  20. The 498t will hit the front of your amp harder then the duncan JB.
  21. Has anyway compared these two pickups tone wise.
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