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  1. What are the real specs of the pickup and your opinions of the pickup
  2. If anyone has a interest in historic size rings bridge position one cream and one black pm me
  3. My Gibson Super 57 measured at 8.6k
  4. The Gibson site doesn’t show the Burstbucker pickups(specs)
  5. Thanks,the dc res of each I’m assuming they are close ?
  6. Which one of these two pickups would be the brightest and why
  7. I use 500k volume pots on all my Les Pauls with 57 classic plus pickups
  8. Great guitar I own a 2014 light burst with an amazing top,it’s my go to guitar it sounds amazing sustain for days.
  9. Which one of these pickups would be more aggressive/cutting/bright the specs on both are extremely close
  10. The Gibson Super 57 took care of my issue it seemed to have more edge gain then the 57 classic plus. The Super 57 great pickup.
  11. Disregard this post I’m really liking the Super 57,I compared it to the 57 classic plus and the super 57 seems to have more gain and openness,I also compared it to the Duncan 59 and the Duncan 78 and i like the Super 57 much better it seemed much louder then the other pickups with more openness and edge very lively
  12. Trade my new condition Gibson Super 57 Zebra color for a Gibson Burstbucker Pro in Zebra
  13. So the Gibson 57 Classic or plus would be the way to go
  14. So out of the two pickups mentioned which would be closer
  15. Which of these two pickups would be the closest to the first Van Halen album sound.
  16. The 10 dB boost is not working I changed the 9 volt battery and its still not working, Any ideas why ?
  17. My only question was is gibson using 500 k push/ pull. volume pots on a 2014 Gibson traditional pro II les paul, that’s all ...
  18. Ok so are these(500k) push/ pull pots are what Gibson is using on the pcb board
  19. Would anyone know what the values(500k or ??) would be on the push/pull volume pots on the Gibson pcb board, the guitar is a Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro II
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