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  1. How about this. $59, no changes of any kind! http://www.freedomguitar.com/products_bowen_handle.php?UID=2009052318532524.250.228.183
  2. beatlenut- I gotta G400. It needs a neck reset, but it has the neck binding.
  3. On TDPRI someone's selling a pair for $160. PM me and I'll froward you the ad.
  4. Use a roller bridge, make sure you've got no sharp saddles or any place the strings touch sharp. Flatwounds are a bit more durable, but that could be attributed to guage difference as well. EQ your amp such that everything sounds good and feels natural at 7 vol/tone. Then turn it up to 10 on gig day. You'll not hit so hard, and it'll still sound right.
  5. I think these look amazing. I HIGHLY prefer individual vol/tone controls, however, and I think it could use a pickguard(maybe a SG-ized version of the LP style?). As mentioned before, neck binding. But overall, VERY COOL. I want something like this to be the dark fire SG. Same deep red and style as the DF, but this general concept.
  6. I'm thinking of doing a similar project, but with a P-90 melody maker, and a vintage vibe CC-rider. Complete with red refinish.
  7. Looks great! If you were set up, red tortoise binding would be the sex!
  8. I've got a VEH(bridge)/classic II(neck) combo. It's pretty awesome.
  9. Old silverface fender champions are pretty awesome, if they're in your budget, get one. Sound just like an overdriven bassman, only smaller.
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