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  1. Oh, so closer to MDF than plywood? And I knew that. Leo fender picked woods on price NOT tone. People think alder's so great, that's just luck of the draw by leo. But thanks for bringing the info to the rest of the forum. P.S. Wouldn't it be either an esquire or broadcaster if it was an early telecaster?
  2. I thought so too. They said knotty pine was the best. It's $4/foot at my local lumber yard...
  3. Carbon fiber is strong in tensile strength(like rope), but in impacts it's not incredible. To support extra weight, you'd have to either add layers, increase tension, or both. Extra tension can change tone, which can be used to improve sound, but isn't incredibly easy to calibrate. The substance you'd want to use to add weight shouldn't be detrimental to tone. Solid steel frame and carbon fiber sides, top, and back, may be enough to balance out your basic acoustic, without having to "fill" anything. Tension could then be used to change tone, something formerly only possible by changing the wood in the guitar itself. A rotary tension knob at the back of the neck, could be used for such a purpose. Now, in achtop hollow, semi-hollow and solid body guitars, more layers of fabric, or different carbon construction altogether(liek that used in carbon car hoods), would be required to achieve proper feel and profile, and the ability to change tension for tone would likely be lost. Fully hollowbodies would require something like what's used in car hoods, thicker, more rigid layers of carbon fiber, in order to keep shape. These would hence probably need different kind of necks to attain comfortable weight balance. Semi-hollows would probably still have to have wooden center block, even if the wings were made of carbon fiber instead of laminate. The necks would still be able to be made of wood, albeit lighter tuners would be needed for balance. These are probably the most easily engineered. Solid bodies pose the hardest challenge for carbon-based construction, they would likely have to be built from the ground up with the intention of being used as instruments.. The technology is all there, in theory, but as we all know, electric guitars aren't the fastest-moving technology. Hell, most of our stuff hasn't changed since the 60's.
  4. Carbon fiber is pretty damn cheap. Cast a frame and put in a neck, I think the body alone for an acosutic would be about 60 for the fiber and maybe 25 for a solid steel frame to mount the neck on. The weight would be annoying as hell cause the neck would outweigh the body 2-3 times depending on quantity and composite of the metal frame. To make a whole solidbody guitar, that's a more difficult issue, it's not as easy to use pre-engineered, mass-produced stuff there.
  5. Gibson only states on certain models(i.e. custom shop) that they use hunduran there. If you ask me, I think they've largely switched to african mahogany at this point in time, if not actually resorting to asian suppliers.
  6. Hmmm... Not sure whether to go new or used... I kinda liek the idea of totally going mad on a new one...
  7. Haha. Might actually use that. Custom trussrod cover would be just plain awesome to put that on.... Oooh, I was just thinking, would a B-50 import bigsby tailpiece be too much? It just sounds kinda cool...
  8. VERY clever. I hope to do this when I get some time and post a whole thread about the wiring job. What should I call the guitar? Junior from hell? Frankenjunior? Lol.
  9. Okay, now that I know the wiring, what pickup should i use? I'm leaning toward either Rockfield Select Wound Custom or a fat ***. Both have 4-conductor wiring. but I've heard alot on here about GFS pickups, what would you guys suggest? I'm looking for (ideally) a P-90 tone tapped, and something good for blues and hard/classic rock on HB.
  10. Hmm, I don't know huge amounts about electrical wiring-type stuff, bu it certainly looks and sounds right!
  11. But how would that work as a killswitch? Plus I REALLY like the felling of using the switch, sweaty hands+pulling=NOT WORKING.
  12. If I were to say, take a newer les paul junior and an aftermarket(since stock doesn't) humbucker with 4- conductor wiring, Could I use a 3-way swith so it went Humbucker-none-coil tap or coiltap-humbucker-none? Thanks.
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