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  1. How about this. $59, no changes of any kind! http://www.freedomguitar.com/products_bowen_handle.php?UID=2009052318532524.250.228.183
  2. beatlenut- I gotta G400. It needs a neck reset, but it has the neck binding.
  3. On TDPRI someone's selling a pair for $160. PM me and I'll froward you the ad.
  4. Use a roller bridge, make sure you've got no sharp saddles or any place the strings touch sharp. Flatwounds are a bit more durable, but that could be attributed to guage difference as well. EQ your amp such that everything sounds good and feels natural at 7 vol/tone. Then turn it up to 10 on gig day. You'll not hit so hard, and it'll still sound right.
  5. I think these look amazing. I HIGHLY prefer individual vol/tone controls, however, and I think it could use a pickguard(maybe a SG-ized version of the LP style?). As mentioned before, neck binding. But overall, VERY COOL. I want something like this to be the dark fire SG. Same deep red and style as the DF, but this general concept.
  6. 2x5881 1x6v6 4xEL84 6x6550 etc. etc. etc.
  7. I'm thinking of doing a similar project, but with a P-90 melody maker, and a vintage vibe CC-rider. Complete with red refinish.
  8. Looks great! If you were set up, red tortoise binding would be the sex!
  9. I've got a VEH(bridge)/classic II(neck) combo. It's pretty awesome.
  10. Old silverface fender champions are pretty awesome, if they're in your budget, get one. Sound just like an overdriven bassman, only smaller.
  11. Yeah, you can't really go wrong. If you hock them on ebay afterward, you'll get what you paid roughly anyway.
  12. I think it's atrocious that squier has more P-90 solidbodies available right now than epiphone. Squier tele custom II vs. nothing on epi's end('56 goldtop is gone). Bring back the P-90 juniors(SG and les paul), make the SG-310 a true special(P-90s, wraparound), make a les paul special with an actual set neck and P-90s, and an epi SG classic just like gibson's. I mean, the P-90s sound a lot better than the humbuckers on epis, and they're not a ton more to produce(if any), and they'd attract a lot more players to buy the cheap epis thinking they'd be good slide guitars, then falling in love with them.
  13. two push pulls one vol one tone You wire the leads so the P-90 is grounded on one, and the rail is grounded on the other, normally both are wired together
  14. THe special IIs, with exception of cherry red, are plywood anyway. But they use a dark wood that looks like sapele(african mahogany), grown in either the phillipines or indonesia.
  15. They're getting harder and harder, but with gibson starting a production model junior again, MAYBE we'll see some proper P-90 epis.
  16. I've always hated les paul special pickguards, but that one is worse than most. I'd rather see and SG pickguard, or a regular les paul pikguard screwed on there.
  17. You ever try the MIM squiers, fender in big letters "squier" in smaller? Classic vibe squiers? Vintage modified squiers? Squier telecaster custom II(best $120 import guitar ever made)? Was it a new basswood bullet or old plywood bullet?
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