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  1. Just ordered some Hot Rods and forgot all about the 'taper' and man they all but fall through.... taper and length...anyone else try those titanium jobs? They are longer than the average pin as well for some reason..makes it hard to 'catch' properly... agree, don't drill anything unless your have to...contact them and find out what taper you do need...
  2. Don't freak out, I play a reworked (completely) and tone blocked OLD Joe Pass which sounds unreal, unfortunitely I have to work with the amp I have and its an OLD Fender Head 100 Solid state, but electronics being basic: Can I add tubes or a tube to the pre amp circut? Here are my questions: 1. Is it possible to add a few 12ax tubes to the pre amp circut? If so, how...I want to warm up the amp...get rid of the hum as well if possible. Its an older 100..but still works well. 2. Can the circut be split so you can use it for vocals as well as guitar? If not explain the Hi-low imputs an
  3. They are out there, the spacing must be correct or you can move the bridge back, in most cases you can enhance the overall sound by adding a bridge brace (Plate) under the new bridge.... just go to EBAY and "Archtop bridge" and ask the larger companies which one fits the imports and exact spacing, otherwise go to http://www.stewmac.com/ where they have them listed by size, spread and type. They will even respond to you if you tell them what your trying to do.... You may have to sand the base which is an easy task: Simply place sandpaper-face up- on the surface (covering the surface where
  4. Its about the sound you want... In expermenting with my EPI, I went to Gibson 57 and a 58 Seyour Duncan..changed over the wire harness to a EPI Master series and pots from 300-500s... The electronics are as variable as the pickups. In General look at the output: over Ceramic more for Rock, even Fender uses them in some not so cheap units as well as Gibson. the 500 Gibson is a ceramic pickup....nice Alinco Vs or anything under 8..blues, jazz...and a good crunch for distrotion. Generally, the alinco's are cleaner. even the 11s. There is much more to the sound than the pickups..
  5. Tt is a common problem and not realy a problem if you blend properly....they are not wired independently....its about 'load' and you need to check to see if you mixed the pots or have them B to A or A to B....There is a difference. My harness from the old Joe Pass is like that...and the new one I got..same thing....
  6. Depends completely on what you do know about pots, grounding and the sound you want to realize...I just went through a lot to bring my Joe Pass up to snuff...and the sound is incredable...little brite, but unreal...great crunch like a Gretch actually...but I learned one thing: Get the wireing harness complete.....I have over 60$ of wasted parts untill I got a comple harness...I don't care what anyone on this board says, they are all wired differntly and you can wire them in so many ways.....but the ground loop is the one thing no one talks about..so I don't know why they even call this an "El
  7. Thanks for NO Help on the resistor/capacitor on the L-4 volume pots.. ...but for those who actually work on them...its a Memphis volume kit, as it is known today. It keeps the tremble from bleeding off at low volumes...interesting. ACME sells them SKU: A 40-102-102P6 2.60 a pop and worth it. What I want to know is: What is the actual difference between an A and B pot... and which is better for volume and why? Anyone...I have an entire EPI wire harness and there is NOT ONE SCHEMATIC that coresponds to the way this one is set up..not one EPI, not one Gibson, but came right out of
  8. Painted like the old Emporors.....I, II and Joe Pass's options. Looks better in person actually....
  9. OK, does anyone actually know of a site (NOT GIBSON its not right), or how to install an L-4 set up? I purchased one and it has a resistor and capacitor between the out and in post of the volume pot, then there is another resistor on the tone pots.... How is it hooked up? Anyone know why the change and what it does... I need an idiot chart, not a schamatic which doesn't actually show the resistor.
  10. Why didn't you bring it back? I reinstalled new pots on my Joe Pass to solve the problem, but also found a ground falut. This is why people love to work on Fenders and not Gibsons...their electronics are difficult. Never had one problem with a Fender...but you'd have to pay me to work on these pain in the butts....I'm too old and not patient enough for the naturing they seem to need. I like things simple...Having a Gibson is like having my old BMW, if you need it worked on Bring Your Money with You! Now I know why....you'd think for what they charge, they would make the archtops more
  11. In my infinite wisdom, I decided to upgrad the electronics again in my Joe Pass and now can't get it right, but wireing seems all proper and can't find a short. Someone on the board long ago said they would do it. I have all the parts, wire etc...and will glady pay someone to do it....I'm going nuts with it....LOL!...its that or get a harness and my problem there is the archtop is thicker than an ES apearently as the pots are too short.... joe Know anyone? just wrote to everyone on EBAY that builds...no response yet.
  12. ASK HIM FOR HIS FEDERAL TAX BUSINESS #...lol...REPORT HIM/HER. PROBABLE DOESN'T PAY TAXS.... THERE WAS AN EBAY OUTFIT WHO CHANGED THERE NAME LIKE FOUR TIMES IN ONE YEAR, BUT SAME PEOPLE: SCORPION MUSIC..ETC. They don't know squat about guitars, are not where they said then became Long Island Music and now claim they are someone else. Every quarter it seems they suddenly don't ship and claim to move or sell to someone else...and start over with this outragious claim of 97% + sales...how they start back up with over 2,000 sales is beyond me....a family store on line told me about reporti
  13. LOL, didn't even view it as such....guess politics has dripped over into the human arena of life....I simply met that Conway Twitty could actually play...no more no less ....LOL! and I don't like country twang picking..but appreciate the skill level... It's just a quote he used to make. I think in the long run, people are better off getting the best they can...unless they want to work on them...and if you do, then go with fender...they are much easier to work with, beleive me. They are the legos of guitars... I'm looking at the new Grudins now, handmade in Canada at under 2k....much
  14. Why not just purchase a new ABR1 acoustic bridge....from Guitar Fetish or any of the others out there which are superior? They are only like 24 bucks........less then the agravation you'll have and had. Yeah, drip hot wax over the guitar or fingernail polish...why chance messing up your finish and it will look shoddy...
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