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  1. Tung, I have one more question......Where are the pot(s) in relation to the exterior of the cabinet? Are they accessible from out side or do you need to remove the chassis every time you need to bias? Thanks. Chris Could you send the schematic if you don't mind???
  2. Thank you very much for that piece of information!!! I really appreciate it! I'm thinking of installing an inline bias kit where all I have to do is hook it to a meter and adjust the pots. Actually should be pretty simple and safe at that. Thanks again for your efforts to get the schematic and see what is was for me. Chris
  3. Hey Steven! We are going to jam a little today as a matter of fact. I'll let you know about the 50. To me, so far, it's seem like a winner. Not over the top distortion, but good for 70s/80s/ rock. It has a good 'tube' tone and I like the contour control. I wish it had an effects loop. It doesn't. I'm sure the right person could add one. The little JV's are very impressive! Will it do club gigs? I'd like to pick one up sometime just to have............. Chris
  4. Thanks for the come back. I guess I'll just take it apart and see. Thanks again.
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