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  1. Hey congrats, pics are always good. Cheers Ken.
  2. Yep lovely guitars, hope you get hours of enjoyment from them..... Congrats..... Cheers Ken
  3. Real or fake what.... it looks like a real nice guitar, lovely colour once you fix up the tuners, I reckon it'll rock. I'd say a excellent pick up. Well done.....:-k/ :D/ Cheers... Ken
  4. I've down sized a while ago this is what is left, making way for new ones.....
  5. Zobi, welcome to the forum from Down Under, all the blokes have hit on the same theme, it's what you feel good with, we all like different guitars for different reasons. This will be your baby you choose it, if you get the chance play them back to back and feel them you'll know which one is for you. Cheers ken
  6. Hey mate welcome from Down Under, your new guitar is truly beautifull, enjoy playing it. I'm envious, I'm looking at a couple of Arch Tops at the moment....... just wish the prices where simular to you blokes in the States Cheers Ken
  7. Who made him god??? Don't get me wrong I like clapton no matter what guitar he has around his neck.
  8. Hi Ant very nice axe mate, although I think It would look very nice sitting beside mine at my place :- :- Congrats mate HNGD to you!!! Cheers RR
  9. Hi everyone, just a simple question, I hope this hasn't been covered before I did a search and couldn't find any info..... so here's the question. Are Epiphone amps and Legacy amps the same breed they sure look the same. I've been looking at some lately and I was put onto Legacy. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks RR
  10. Hey Cookie Mate go fot it you won't be disapointed they are a lovely guitar. Cheers RR
  11. Hi ya Epi Fan, got mine on Friday thanks mate. Appreciate it .............. Cheers RR
  12. Hey blokes I've been giving those "V" picks a go lately not to bad I got three different types and guite like them they all have different sound properties which suits different playing. I got Medium Round, Medium Pointed, Screamer and given a small pointed. Bit on the exy side for picks but will last for ages. Cheers RR
  13. Easy, my Black Beauty 3 and my LP Studio in enony. See below. Cheers RR
  14. Yeh, my Ibanez flying V my parents baught me when I was 13, in '71, that was a great guitar.......... Still trying to find the pics I have, some where safe............. may be in that box, no...... this one....... OOHHH heck I'll find it late there's playing to do............ Cheers RR
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