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  1. Your guitar was made in Korea September c.1996 Production Number: 0004 .
  2. abbeyroadman, Thank you. This is a big help. Has anyone tried the 11's and if so, how do you like them and what does it do for the overall tone of the guitar ?
  3. Hi folks, Just my Masterbilt DR-500ME a few days ago. I'm not jazzed about the strings either. Am I correct that they come from the factory with 12s on them ? I am used to 11s and find the stock strings on my 500ME a bit tough on the fingers. Also, will making the switch from the stock 12s(if that is what they are) down to 11s cause any problems and if anyone has done this, did you have to adjust the neck at all ? Thanks in advance
  4. Hey everyone, I haven't posted here in a while and just wanted to share some pictures of my new acquisition with everyone. I haven't had much time to play with her but, she did just come to live with me two days ago. So far, I like her a LOT. Please don't judge her on my photo skills because they leave MUCH to be desired..I know. Also please ignore the scratches on the pick guard as the plastic is still on it. Anyway, here are the pics of my new Masterbilt DR-500ME. Sadly, I had to part ways with mu Hummingbird to get her but, as much as I will miss it, I know the Masterbilt is a better guitar. Thanks for looking, Mike
  5. +1 on Bob Colosi http://www.guitarsaddles.com/ He probably won't have the pins or the saddle pre-cut. When I ordered for my EL-00 he had to custom make them. No big deal. Bob is a great guy and VERY helpful. Give him a call and tell him what you are looking for. .
  6. When I switched the saddle on my hummingbird, I had to send the original to Bob Colosi at guitarsaddles.com. The saddles on the epi birds are an odd size and he had to custom make one. In the end, it is worth it. Just my $.02.
  7. How about an EL-00 ? Just a thought.
  8. Hi Crow, I stumbled upon one of these beauties this time last year at my local epiphone dealer. Personally, I can't stand the place but was looking for a new acoustic and they had a big sale going on on the epiphone line. Growing up I remember my brother always having his hummingbird. He passed away about fifteen years ago and I still have his old 'bird. Anyway, I had never seen one in a natural finish. When the salesman brought out the epi in a antural finish, I strummed a few chords and bought it on the spot. I looks VERY nice sitting next to my brothers sunburst 'bird. The only way I would ever part with it is if someone pried it from my dead hands. I have not seen another one like mine since.
  9. Send one of you pins to Bob Colosi at www.guitarsaddles.com and he will make you a new set. When he made a set for my epi hummingbird he told me that the epis use alot of odd sizes. Turns out mine were right in between to common sizes so he had to make them. It wasn't a size that he normally had in stock. Great guy, Great work done quickly at fair prices. and very friendly. Let us know how you make out.
  10. I have to agree, play your possible purchase if you can. +1 on the epiphone recommendation. I think they make great starter guitars and even higher end models. I bought a hummingbird last year in a natural finish. I had it setup by my local shop and now I can't put it down. If I dropped tomorrow, they would have to pry it from my dead hands before they buried me !! (or get me a REALLY odd shaped casket)
  11. Hey OGP, Check this site out. http://www.shorelinemusic.com/accessories/elixir.shtml They seem to have GREAT prices on the Elixir strings and they have FREE shipping. Let me know what ya' think.
  12. I've been using 11's and really like them. I'm still trying different brands and have not set on one specific yet. I do like the elixirs though.
  13. I think the BIG question is...did you get the free candy ?? (or was the candy $300.00 with a free guitar ?)
  14. Not bad. I've actually heard of people who won't by a guitar sight unseen.
  15. AWSOME ! Glad you got YOUR guitar back and repaired properly. Thanks for the update....NOW....go strum that thing !
  16. Looks like you did well my friend. NOW get to playin' that thing !
  17. Looks good. If it is legit and it plays well...Go for it ! Keep us posted
  18. I say " a bird in the hand, is worth"....well,....you know the rest !
  19. GREAT article. Thank you for sharing. I cannot stand most of what is played on the radio these days. This is TRUE rock n' roll !!
  20. Welcome to your 50's ! Good Luck my friend !
  21. I'd suggest saving a bit more money and buying something of better quality that will be easier to play and sound better as well. The other choice is always looking for something used on either eBay or CL. Your taking your chances with both but at least with CL you should have to option to see what you could potentially be purchasing before any cash changes hands. As long as you know what you are looking for and do your homework you could come out OK ! Just my .02¢ Good luck and keep us posted.
  22. Hey, I just picked up a used V-amp2 off eebay. It is a lot of fun to play with. A great little tool but I don't think it is a professional piece of equipment by any means. If your just looking to have some fun and try some different sounds...it is pretty cool. Sorry I can't be of more help. Mike
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