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  1. that guitar is beautiful .. now i want one
  2. dat dere is one fine fancy guitar you talkin about city boy .. i reckon im gonna own one of them myself one day
  3. hendrix clapton santana walsh harrison atkins petty slash hanna montana
  4. your ears dont lie .. id much rather have a dr500 AND a tele .. than one martin =D
  5. i love mines and it will probably be the last acoustic i own =D .. i cant say good enough stuff about it ... do yourself a favor and go pick it up
  6. +1 for the g-400 i think it will last you for awhile .. and its only a lil more than the lp 100 .. the lp100 is lighter than your standard lp .. the body is thinner .. does it give a les paul tone ? close but not really due to the thinner body .. but i had a g-400 and it played and sounded like a dream for only 349.00 ... or u can get the vintage for 299.00 .. the roland cube gets alot appraise .. my mistake was i cheaped out on my first electric and got a les paul special II and i ended up selling it and getting better gear .. so i suggest you go for the gold =D
  7. very nice diy .. your work is appreciated
  8. thanks every1 .. im going to call samash tom .. wish me luck !!
  9. is it normal for the saddle piece to be able 2 shake a lil .. like its loose when the strings are off .. i think im just gonna return it and get the lp custom silverburst
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