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  1. That being said, Paul's bassline is certainly nothing to be laughed at on that track either.
  2. Ian McDonald has the session attributed as: John Lennon – vocal, harmony vocals, lead guitars, organ, Moog synthesizer George Harrison – harmony vocals, lead guitars Paul McCartney – harmony vocals, bass Ringo Starr – drums, congas Billy Preston – Hammond organ Additionally, I've always found the Dm-based arpeggio and upper-neck glissandos to be very typical of George's playing at the time (see other tracks on Abbey Road, particularly You Never Give Me Your Money and Something)
  3. It's a very good contrast to George's Les Paul playing the arpeggio.
  4. ...how would there be an issue if the guitar is slightly thinner than the guitar the case is designed for?
  5. I actually like the Zoot Suit. I'd buy one if there were any in southpaw.
  6. You'll also want to keep in mind that the mystery mahogany is not always the same colour... as they say, mahogany is a species of wood, not a colour. Depending on where it's from, it can be quite light.
  7. McCartney has a right-handed sunburst Casino (with a Bigsby) flipped over, yea. New nut and you're good to go.
  8. Just noticed it now, apparently the timestamps on the forum here are a bit off. I've got my timezone set properly (UTC-8), yet times are displayed as UTC-10 (in other words, they're two hours slow).
  9. They're quite nice. It's a semi-hollow so I get a bit different sound than if it were solid... through a Vox or similar amp I'm able to get some very nice Lennon sounds out of it (both pups with a TINY bit of drive also does a very good duplication of George's Let It Be Tele as well, though you don't get the P90 sparkle that way).
  10. I've got 3 Rondo-purchased guitars. The first of them is my SX Strat which was my first electric. Finish is flawless and setup was good out of the box, however now that I've a few more guitars I find the pickups to be a bit shrill. That, and the fretboard has nothing compared to the next two. Second was a Harm 1. Ebony fretboard, P90s. Very light. Setup was a bit too low (easily fixed), finish is again flawless. Most recently, I bought a Spalted Maple AL-3000 Finish was again flawless, setup was perfect out of the box (...and was in tune). The pickups rival those on a few
  11. Yea, sorry about that. Unfortunately at a time we had just shy of 200 members who hadn't ever posted and in same cases it's very hard to distinguish spam users with legitimate users, therefore I usually just play it safe. I used to send out an email to the members I was deleting, but most of the spam ones just ended up bouncing back to me (cleaning a few hundred emails out of your inbox isn't terribly enjoyable).
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