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  1. mine's in my sig. far and away the best guitar i've ever owned. freaking awesome. easy to play and sounds incredible. light to boot.
  2. yeah when you search "1966 g-400" on MF you get no results. but i've seen that guitar advertised previously as "coming soon", so i'm pretty sure MF is going to have it
  3. i'm 36...but i play the '66 re-issue over on the left <----------- asked for a drum kit for christmas of 8th grade, got a guitar. never looked back. now that i have a "real" job i can fund my own "guitar room" with them all mounted on the walls: '86 peavey patriot bass '99 yamaha 12 string that i hate '07 ibanez 6-string acoustic that i like and of course the SG over there to the left havin fun, playin in the praise band, glad to not need readers yet...but its coming of course.
  4. i need a new amp, too. but back to the SG: i freaking LOVE my g-400. best guitar i've ever owned. and the coolest to boot.
  5. i recently bought my 66 LE g-400 heritage cherry online. i purchased it on MF for $399, then before i received it i found it for $299 on the GC website. so i called MF and got them to price match, which they did. they recredited my cc $100 and i still got free shipping. i didnt do any of this on purpose, all by accident before i discovered this forum. but it worked out pretty well. i got lucky (apparently) and received an EE version. i didnt know anything about this stuff till after i got the guitar. anyway the guitar plays awesome. everyone who i let play it raves about it.
  6. i'm another line-6 "guy". have a toneport for home use, and about to buy a pod xt live
  7. i'm a little of both as well. i got an acoustic (pretty much toy) guitar for Christmas of 8th grade in 1984. i went to ONE guitar lesson. bought all the books, etc. went back the next week for my second lesson and the music shop guy said: "what, someone didnt call you? well, um, Steve (the guitar teacher) was killed in a car accident last week." never took another lesson. taught myself from the books they had made my parents buy. funny thing, tho...i skipped all the scales lessons and went straight to strumming and chords so i could "play" and sing songs. 24-ish years lat
  8. i just purchased a 1966 LE G-400 last month in heritage cherry, which i LOVE. but now here it is in "silverburst". pretty dang cool...havent seen this yet in any SG: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Epiphone-SG-Standard-S.O.R-Electric-Guitar?sku=512455 what do you guys think? i think i might have bought this instead if it had been an option to me. probably not, but maybe...
  9. AgIdoc

    G 400

    its what i'm rockin'. or a reasonable facsimile of rockin', anyway. seriously its a really, really good axe. mine's the EE series as well, but the 1966 standard reissue version over in the avatar. my twin bro loves it as well, despite being a previously strat-only guy. he does note that the neck is significantly fatter than his american strat
  10. +2 on the grovers. i have a 1966 reissue g-400 with grovers and they definitely hold tune
  11. yup. here as well. nothing worked till today (mon)
  12. just bought a toneport ux1 for home playing/recording with my new g-400. its pretty impressive. i cant see how anyone could play live like this, but its fun to have a bunch of different amps, cabs & effects to play with at home. anyone else have one? a pod or a toneport? love it, hate it?
  13. definitely the SG. course i'm a little biased... i just bought the "Epiphone Limited Edition 1966 G-400 Electric Guitar for 299$" from musician's friend...heritage cherry. it freaking rocks.
  14. my VERY 1st guitar was a cheapo 3/4 acoustic b/c my parents werent sure i was serious. dont remember the brand but it was sunburst and couldnt hold tune at all. my first REAL guitar was a gift from a friend of the family: a 1977 Alvarez acoustic that i just sold on ebay a few months ago for quite a lot of $$. i never really much liked that guitar but i sure played the hell out of it. along the way i've owned a bunch of other stuff: a peavy patriot 3/4 electric, an ibanez electric, a peavy patriot bass ( that i still play)...others my 1st epiphone is my most recent buy: the 1966 G
  15. thats when i bought it, when it was $100 bucks cheaper. thats WHY i bought it, pretty much. i personally think its a better guitar than its $299 price tag (thats what i paid...normally runs $399)
  16. this may be a really stupid question, but bear with me. 2 weeks ago i purchased a G-400 limited edition 1966 heritage cherry. the one that looks a lot like the gibson SG standard. i bought it from musician's friend, but i also saw it all over the internet: guitarcenter.com, music123.com, sweetwater.com, amazon.com, etc etc etc. today, pretty much a little over 2 weeks later, literally none of those sites are selling them. i just looked again and nothing. so what gives? is the "limited edition" status over? or worse, was there some recall or something? i searched & browsed
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