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  1. Just COA. My Gibson Bullseye didn't come with that. Its just nice to know that he signed the COA for everyone who bought one.
  2. I think its the best guitar to play standing up, its weighted perfectly. Nice touch from Zakk Wylde with his autograph! I love Ozzy's old stuff too. Zakk Wylde is my favourite guitarist but it doesn't stop me from learning other peoples work. My number isn't as good as yours, mines 047.
  3. Well I think we are lucky to have this guitar, like you said theres only a handful of people that have it! and from what I get out of this guitar I think its money well spent. So are you a big Zakk Wylde fan or do you just like his guitars? Also do you think playing this guitar standing up is so much easier than playing any other guitar standing up?
  4. I have the same guitar I got mine about 3 months ago. Its amazing, your really gonna enjoy playing this guitar. I also have the Zakk wylde Gibson Bullseye. Im glad theres someone out there that I can now talk to about it. Good choice mate!
  5. that is 1 beautiful guitar=p~ your gonna enjoy playing that for many years! If I saw that in the shop I would have bought it too. Top quality m8.
  6. This is an update from my old post, hopefully the photos will show up this time. Ive have this guitar for a couple weeks now.
  7. I just bought this last week, I know it costs quite abit but this is my dream guitar and it took my ages to get the money for it. I fitted those 10-60 zw strings and it sounds like a beast. Its even better than I thought it would be, the quality is just amazing. Hats off to Gibson Custom Shop! Here are some pics /Users/goodlad/Desktop/My Bullseye/DSC00298.JPG /Users/goodlad/Desktop/My Bullseye/DSC00276.JPG /Users/goodlad/Desktop/My Bullseye/c8db_3.JPG /Users/goodlad/Desktop/My Bullseye/c4bf_3.JPG If the pics don't show can anyone tell me how to do it, its my first time. Cheers
  8. i have gibsons zakk wylde bullseye and wanted to fit the heavy gauge 10-60 strings on it. Do I have to adjust the nut or can they just got straight on with some bridge adjustment?
  9. Im buying a 2007 Zakk Wylde bullseye tomorrow and thought I better get the serial number checked, the number is ZW1082. It looks like the real deal to me. could you let me know when it was made also. Thanks
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