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  1. I recently picked up the master built DR – 500 MCE and must say I'm very impressed with it. I have a number of other Epiphones, some of them acoustics such as a dove and hummingbird. But this one is definitely in a class much above those. Not that the other ones are not fine instruments for the price, but this one is simply in a different category. i find better clarity and definition. I lucked out and have no issues with finish or setup although new strings and some tweaking is in order when time permits.
  2. The schematics off the web *probably* work. The issue is how you have interpreted them, the mechanical construction of things, or overheating as you suggest. Just because something is new, do not negate the fact that you could have a bad component from the get-go. Just be sequential and logical about it - no need for panic. Like others have mentioned you can check almost everything - pots, wires, connections, switches, jacks with a DVM. Do that. You don't have the pots wired in backwards do you? ie max volume = no volume...... But - before going there - you may check the obvious. D
  3. I have a had a Pass for a number of years. Like most Epi's it is excellent value for the money. Obviously a good string choice and setup will make it come alive. Definitely a lot different sound and feel than a Sheraton (I have 2 of those).... Like most guitars, the sound and feel is different for players and between guitars. It's just too subjective, so go try some out, maybe you will find one that just 'sings' to you. It sometimes happens when others, that appear identical, leave you flat.....
  4. Thanks for the link and information, it covers the electronics fairly well, But provides no information at all on how the output jacks are configured. So far, I have come up dry trying to find information on it. I guess I'll have to write Gibson directly.
  5. Greetings! I just got a brand-new DR – 500 MCE\es Masterbuilt Epiphone. Unfortunately, I did not get a single scrap of instruction with it. There are two stereo output jacks, they can all be used also be used in monol. I'm uncertain as to how do you properly utilize this thing. If I use 2 mono cables one in each output, do I get the nanoflex and the nanomag pickups totally isolated from each other? Or if I use a stereo cable, with each outputs plugged into a separate amp, do I get the two outputs but interacting through the blend control? No one around here seems to know h
  6. If the guts had not been done, I'd do it all at once. If they had, I'd just use the cheat method. Really - make a good mechanical connection before you make it into a good soldered connection, use heatshrink. If you are not introducing resistance or impedance into it with a flakey connection - what's the diff? It's all about a point of diminishing returns, and well past it. I should also mention that I ALWAYS have a backlog of projects, so I never have time for a "make work" project for no reason...
  7. I think you need to be careful with Gibson USA warranty thing if you are in Canada. If you buy product from the USA, they will not honour that warranty I think. You are covered for (usually) a year with the vendor up here. Friend of mine has a ltd edition Lifeson with issues after the fact and he said he cannot deal with Gibsoon USA on it because of that. I stand to be corrected, but if so, it seems sort of a rip to me...
  8. http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/ET55TENB3
  9. Dunno but Wikipedia says: The Epiphone Sheraton II was introduced in 1986 and featured only one major difference. The Frequensator tail piece was now replaced by a fixed stop bar. Recently the vintage sunburst finish that many Sheratons are made in has changed color from a black on deep red color to a black on orange-yellow color. That sure fits the description of my 1994 with the fixed stop bar and colour.
  10. I have two Sheratons: Guitar Info Your guitar was made at the Saein Plant, Korea/China March 2007 Production Number: 1181 I already have an Epiphone Sheraton II Sheraton II Epiphone Guitar Info Your guitar was made at the Samick Plant, Korea September 1994 Production Number: 1444 The second is what you are asking about - mine is also in a vintage sunburst. I personally prefer it to the newer version, but there is nothing really wrong with either - it's just that - preference. The headstock on the 94 is about 1/2 shorter than the 2007. To me the 2007 neck seem very sl
  11. I was just reading a post about how to store a guitar strap in a case and it triggered this item. Maybe everyone on the planet knew this except for me, but you can save a few bucks when you move a guitar strap between guitars. A chum of mine turned me onto Schaller strap locks (there are other brands too obviously) to move a strap from guitar to guitar. Up here in over-taxation land, a set of schaller locks is pretty pricey. I looked around and finally found that you can buy just the strap lock pins in the color of your choice for a fraction of the cost of a complete lock set. So
  12. The cheapest thing you can do is give it a good setup - especially the pickup height adjustment. That can make a very significant difference in how your guitar sounds. Often times they are way out of whack - especially if it is a used item. New strings as part of it are a gimme. FWIW - it costs nothing to try it.
  13. 1964 Fender Strat for $75 in 1967 or so..... 1962 Gibson Les Paul Jr. for 125$ in about 1965..... Sometimes being OLD pays off!!!! lol
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