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  1. I am planning to refret myself a few worn-out frets on my Epiphone LP STD but has no clue on the quality of Dunlop or StewMac fretwires. If you have refretted your guitars with either fretwire just mentioned, please comment . Thanks... Best regards, Serious fret wearing on my 3 years-old Epiphone LP STD !! :-(
  2. I have seen a few videos on refretting a guitar but none of them deals with a guitar with bindings . I imagine bindings should be removed before refretting . Does it mean rebinding a must in this case ? Please comment and explain. Thanks
  3. I brought the SG-400 custom back to the store and complained about the premature fret wear under the B string . The on-site luthier took it to the backroom and did some set-up for about 15 minutes . The final answer : he did not find anything wrong with the guitar !! He thought this guitar might have come from a lot with inferior fret wires . Nothing could done except the store would inform Epiphone about this issue !!
  4. Hm..Hm..For good measure, I might bring along also my 3 years old LP standard to ruin Epiphone reputation ! :- )
  5. Thanks : Hungrycat, Ryaan, animalfarm, jonnyg for your kind comments ! As I said before , I rarely bend the strings with my rhythm play . However, I do admit that I used to press hard on the strings due to past experience with classical acoustic guitar playing . After my post about worn-out frets on my LP standard, I have been very careful not to exert exessive pressure on the frets on the new SG-400 ! Apparently, habits still die hard in my case ? Currently, I use D'Addario : E (.010) & B (0.013) . I wonder if using soft strings would help ? ... Please recommend some good brands .
  6. I bought a brand-new Epiphone SG-400 Custom ( from an original , unopened box) about 2 weeks ago and played sparingly daily ( i.e. about an hour/day ) . This morning, I looked at the fret under the B string and noticed obvious signs of worn-out already !! I did have the same problem with my 3 years old Epiphone LP standard ( Please see : http://forums.epiphone.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=16721 I suspect something not right in my findering the frets ? ( I played rhythm & mostly open chords on soft rock musics and rarely bend the strings !) . Could it be anything else that causes this type of premature fret worn-out ? (i.e. string hardness ? finger pressure ? ...??? ) Please comment & advise . Thanks .
  7. Really ?? Then some more goodies for you Willy ... :-) ================================= Guitar Books - Building & Repair Books Titles: Acoustic Guitar Construction.pdf Art Of Mixing - David Gibson (Visual Guide To Recording) (Ebook).pdf Building Electric Guitars- M. Koch (2001).pdf Cheap Auto-Wa.pdf Concert Reverb Schematic.pdf Effects - Sitar Effect for Guitar (schematic).pdf Fret Farm Bass Guides - 4 String v114.pdf Fret Farm Bass Guides - 5 String v114.pdf Gourd Banjo Construction.pdf Guitar - FretBoard Logic SE .pdf Guitar Builders FAQ.pdf Guitar Design Production and Repair - J. Donahue (2002) WW.pdf Guitar Funk Box - Use 2N4401.pdf Guitar Pickup - Make Your Own.pdf Guitar Wiring - Humbucking Pickups' date=' Modifications, Guitar Effects Schematics.pdf How to build a Junkbox Guitar Amplifier.pdf How To Build Your Own Effects Guitar Electronics Schematics.pdf Leslie Effect Simulator.pdf Looper.pdf Make a guitar sound like a banjo or mandolin.pdf Musical Instrument Amplifier Servicing [short article'] - R. Johnson (1993) WW.pdf Shure - Connecting Microphones To Mixers WW.pdf The Electric Guitar Amplifier Handbook - J. Darr (Sams, 1973) WW.pdf Tonepad Chorus Ensemble2.pdf Electronic Projects for Musicians.pdf Guitar Building Plans.pdf Guitars Design, Production and Repair - Jim Donahue.pdf Building Electric Guitars - Martin Koch.pdf Guitar Player Repair Guide - Dan Erlewine.pdf How to paint your Guitar.pdf download : (size =182 MBs) http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Z7AKY9BQ
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