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  1. Also not a big fan of the Floyd rose. Although............. (off topic) it would have been interesting to see what Hendrix would have done with one had he been around long enough!!
  2. "it has some scratch markson the back of the body" um......... ya got some on the front too buddy boy!!:)
  3. All things must pass - Harrison The thrill is gone - B.B King Sitting on top of the world - cream ( live goodbye version) and just to kill some time... voodoo chile..... ( the long verson, screw the slight return at that point!)
  4. GO to $500? No. I'd rather save a little longer and get a brand new one.
  5. Check this out. It's tempting because It's left, and within an hours drive. My questions is, does a 28 yr epiphone les paul standard, hold value worth $500 after all these years? I don't think they even went for that price 28 years ago. I'll offer $300 and see what happens. http://peterborough.kijiji.ca/c-buy-and-sell-musical-instruments-epiphone-les-paul-custom-W0QQAdIdZ30969596
  6. If he did get a signiture, it would be made out of dead penguins and dog poop. Plus you'd have to venture through a labirinth of chicken coops to purchase it! Did anyone read the interview inthe Sept issue of guitar world with him and G'N'R? STRANGE MAN!!
  7. FYI...... i just found out that when you type SH@T, it puts in ****!! i love it!
  8. modding a guitar doesn't mean it's ****, it just means your changing it to what you want. Epiphones are great for doing that because A: they are affordable( although the new '08/'09 prices are "iffy") B: resale does not decrease, as long as the mod is done properly. C: your not sweating your balls off because you changing the pots or pup's or pickguard in a $2000 guitar. it meets all demands.
  9. woo hoo! yet another guitar that won't ever be released in left handed version. oh sorry, I meant lepper version.:D/
  10. In my Dot the neck is up and the bridge is down. Are you shure you selecting the correct position to activate the pup? Also, look under the pups and read whether you have them switched by accident. eg. neck pup in the bridge hole.
  11. you better join or else I'll jump............. I swear to god man!!.... I'm gonna do it if you don't join!!!!!!!!!
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