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  1. Bump,Rot,do me a favour please,check this,as you know,i already have the PUPS.Thanks mate. I don`t want split coil tapping,Jimmy Page ect,just a standard LP set up Bridge http://www.sinewavemusic.co.uk/prod11widecn.html Tailpiece http://www.sinewavemusic.co.uk/prod13gotcn.html Machine heads http://www.sinewavemusic.co.uk/prod32grovroto3n.html 4 Of these babies http://www.sinewavemusic.co.uk/prod21cts500.html Knobs http://www.sinewavemusic.co.uk/prod53bella.html Selector switch http://www.sinewavemusic.co.uk/prod22lptogglec.html Jack http
  2. Hi Guys,while i`m waiting for my 07 Les Paul to be re-finished,i`ve decided to grab Nickle Hardware for it,instead of Chrome.Also,a complete Electronics update too.The Guitar is a definate keeper.So i figured i would spend some cash on her.I would really appreciate it if you could take at look at what i`m planning on ordering,i think i`ve got it right,but it never hurts to get a second opinion.I`m off on a Tour of Afghanistan in 3 weeks,and i would like to get this all completed and out the way before i go.Thanks Guys,much appreciated. Bridge http://www.sinewavemusic.co.uk/prod11widecn
  3. Hm,a very nice attitude,you ask questions,you get answers.This place has been and no doubt always will be a great source of valid info to myself and countless others.I havn`t been here that long myself,but i reckon long enough to back up the more senior members,i think you really need to re think your attitude before responding with remarks you have used.These guys know what they`re talking about,get either some respect,or therapy.Ok,i`ve had my rant,back to playing.
  4. Forgot to mention Rot,the Blues Custom sounds even better now i`ve thrown in those PUPS you recommended.Thanks! :-k/
  5. 30 Watt Blues Custom,with swapped out Tubes,i love the damn thing.Mainly on Svets advice that i went for it,i`m real pleased i did.
  6. @Just Strum,I have total sympathy on the GAS my friend, i have the option to buy another Elitist LP and an Elitist Casino,but i also have GAS for another Blues Custom Amp.Don`t you just hate that damn GAS.Not sure what the Amp version of GAS is :-/
  7. Hm,ok,officially, i hate ya,free stuff. (only joking) :-
  8. LOL,no such thing as a "Cheap Elitist" anymore
  9. I think that most people buy a Standard Epi,find this place,read about Elitists,then wish they had bought one in the first place.The simple fact is that unless you know where to get one,you don`t have a hope in hell.I think that Spud summed it up in a thread elsewhere,that most Epi`s are "Good Guitars",but ,the Elitists,the nearest thing you will ever get to actually paying out the fee for a Gibson.I own an R8,and i can honestly say that my Elitist Standard can safely hold it`s own against it all night long.It`s not Snobbery,it`s common sense.
  10. I`ve always used 9`s and my fingers,but i`ve re-strung both my Epi`s with 10`s today.I have to admit,as many people have said on here,10`s are the way to go on a Les Paul.Ernie Ball Regular Slinky.
  11. RMC1


    "Sounds good - but what the hell is that thing in your hand???!!! " LOL,whatever it is,he needs to go visit the Clinic :)/
  12. StewMac,Nickel and Gold,they fit the Speed and Bell Knobs,although i do wonder ,what`s the point!,you can tell by the sound where the knobs should be surely!!!! http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Knobs/Position_indicators.html
  13. 3 PM to 7PM,every day,i have to!,i`m a standby Guitarist,one day the 70`s,the next the 90`s,the next,some young thrash Band
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