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  1. I think they are going to start selling iPhones.
  2. I might try this stuff. http://www.amazon.com/Extra-Flexible-Adhesive-Magnetic-Dispenser/dp/B000NNQ1CK
  3. Well this has been an interesting topic. I'm glad I started it. I didn't mention that the reason I saw him was becasue zztop back out for some reason. The concert orginally was zztop opening for Tom Petty. The day of the concert it got postponed due to illness. Of course they never said you was ill. Probably a money issue. None the less. I paid 130 bucks for front row seats to see ZZ and Tom. What I got was Chuck and Tom. Not complaining like I said it was kind of cool to see Chuck.
  4. A slide holder is an interesting idea for a guitar though.
  5. Yes the show was a bit of a train wreck. As for the bracket. I don't blieve Chuck plays slide. But I could be wrong. And I do agree there should be a Chuck Berry Model. One you can throw into the trunk of you car while driving young girl across state lines.
  6. I just had the pleasure of seeing Chuck Berry in concert. The man is 84 and still touring although he maybe could start thinking about retiring. As he forgot words to songs like Johnny B Good, ended a couple of songs while the band was still going strong and he actually left the stage at one point I believe he thought the show was over. None the less I'm glad I can say I saw him in concert. Now for the question. On Chuck's guitar was a 1/2 inch pipe bracket. Screwed in just below the bridge. Does anyone know why that's there?
  7. Living in AZ I have to keep my acoustic in its case with a humidifier or the neck gets all jacked up. Other than that I keep the electrics on stands throughout the house so I play them.
  8. rlajack1217


    This is actually a picture of a cow eating grass. Unfortunately he ate all the grass and moved on to another field.
  9. This has been very helpful. Thank you to you all. I may just follow Sledge's lead and get a pro to set this axe up.
  10. I've heard that replacing the nut that comes standard on the Sheraton II with a bone nut improve the sound. I'm wondering whose done this and which one did you buy?
  11. I'm at work right now. But dude this looks awesome. Thanks for figuring it out.
  12. Yep. I got the words I needs the chords. But thanks. And yes I've already figured out some better solutions for the gay Reference.
  13. Ok I know this is not Epiphone related so hopefully the Epiphone Forum gods won't pull this But... I'm am trying to put together a rock/punk version of the Flintstones Theme song. I'm just having a hard time figuring out the correct chords. So I thought I bounce this off all you Guitar masters. I found the orginal theme music but it's more jazzy. I want to put an edge on it. ](*,)/ Thanks for your help.
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