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  1. Looks like a swimming pool top....splash😁
  2. I saw a post from someone who had a 1975 S-1. He said there was a date in the neck pocket. Just an idea!?
  3. The white guard looks nice on it..πŸ‘
  4. Yep, it definitely was/is a J160E. It always amazes me how some of these guitars end up after a lot of years of play and bad repairs, etc. A proper bridge and saddle would be a good start in putting it back together to its former glory. However, it may play fine,as is.
  5. Agreed! I have also, long ago, purchased the nut files and have also made my own bone nuts for some guitars. Easy does it, a little at a time, and patience......makes for satisfactory results!
  6. Do you have any more pictures? It would help to see the headstock and bridge.
  7. Very cool! It seems that the tremolo circuit can get troublesome in a lot of vintage Fender amps also. When they work well, there is nothing like them.....:-)
  8. Very cool! I just love some amp porn Show us a "back-shot"
  9. Very good stuff...seasoned veterans πŸ‘
  10. Hello! The facory order number (FON) indicates that the guitar was built in 1951.
  11. Great video. Thanks for posting. Seems like Gibson is correcting its steering. Getting back on course...πŸ‘
  12. Sad to hear this news. I always enjoyed OWF's posts and humor when I was a frequent flyer on the Acoustic forum. I just happened to check in and this news brought back so many good memories of what makes this Forum so special...comradery of a great cast of characters. RIP Robert and condolences to your family and friends.
  13. Just curious...what was the nature of the repairs agreed to? Complete rebuild sounds major. Beyond the abilities of a competant local luthier?
  14. I would not rely on the pickguard color for dating. It may have been replaced at some point in time.
  15. No suggestions,but to which Gibson facility did you send it? I assume Montana? Do you have pictures of the guitar to share? Keep us up-dated on the results,please.
  16. I never knew that Scrooge lived in Crankytown!🀣🀣 Happy Holiday Jedzep πŸ‘
  17. I think it is an '81. Looks to have 8 digits. 1st and 5th for the year.
  18. Great playing! I really like the song and vocalists as well... Good job!
  19. What a great find...and project! I always wonder what causes someone to gut and strip a very nice guitar. I,being a vintage accuracy purist, would want to put it back together as original as possible... P'ups,pickguard,tailpiece,bridge,etc. There are a number of sites that sell replacement parts for vintage guitars. Not to say that I would have to have vintage parts...replicas of the same type would be OK. You could even order a wiring harness (pre-made). The correct p'guard would have a small block glued under the upper point with a locating hole that secures the guard to the fretboard edge. Have fun with the project.πŸ‘
  20. I have only played the occassional PRS that has crossed my repair bench. Not a huge fan of the neck feel or the rotary tone switch that some models have. Tone is subjective and effected by many things in the signal chain. The build quality is quite good but they are not my cup of tea. The guy in the video is an awsome player πŸ‘ Thanks for sharing that!
  21. As you say,that serial # was used in 63 and 67. My guess would be a 1967 if you are the original owner and bought it in '68. Is the belly on the bridge on the top towards the strings? Is the neck profile skinny? I bet its a great guitar!
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