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  1. Hi, I thought that I would post a summary of my experience with this. Today I bought the D'Addario Planet Waves Dual-Strap Lock, and I am quite impressed by it. However, on my Casino there is so little room between the strap and strap button/lug that once I had struggled to get the Dual-Strap Lock on, and I was testing it by pulling on the strap as hard as I could, I did eventually manage to get the Dual-Strap Lock to fly off (it was not easy to do that, though). A strap lug with more depth is definitely needed for this guitar. While I was at the guitar store, I succes
  2. Hi, I am wondering how I would go about making a bigger space between my strap lug and the body of the guitar on my Casino in order to let me put on a Grolsch rubber washer, or a metal washer, for use as a strap block. I am asking this because, while this works on my Strats, there is not quite enough room on my Casino to get the washer fully over the strap lug; and the strap itself is not exactly thick. Could I simply get a longer screw of the same type that is currently in the strap lug, so that the screw goes into the Casino's body to the same depth, but so that it also allows more spac
  3. Hi Clarkuss, Thanks, once again, for going to the trouble of posting photos of the Casinos. The red that I was talking about is not a thin band, but is a very pronounced (in comparison to the photos that you posted) 'thick'/wide band of about 3 1/2 inches. I will see if my cousin has any photos of his Casino so that I can post them. Thanks, once again,
  4. Hi Stahlbiest anc clarkuss, Many thanks for your replies, and for the photos. While I appreciate what you say, Stahlbiest, about photos being an unreliable source of telling the colour of a guitar's finish, I think that that applies to whether one is looking for a very precise idea of the colour, and that is not what I am talking about - sorry, I should have made that clear in my post. For example, the photos that clarkuss kindly posted reveal the same, basic colour, and even show some differences in finish (more red in one of them). I am talking about a colour difference which is
  5. Hi, Apologies if this question has been posted before, but I could not find answers to this question by searching the forums. I am interested in buying an Inspired by John Lennon Casino, and am intrigued and curious about what *appears* (from photos on the net) to be a colour change in the finish of the guitar. I have a regular (bottom-of-the-line) Casino, in a colour which I would describe as a 'Tobacco burst'. About 4 years ago, my cousin, living in the U.K., bought an 'Inspired by John Lennon' Casino (which, I think, he ordered from Germany). My cousin's I.B.J.L.C. had a k
  6. Hi, I was hoping that people would share their knowledge about any specific techniques/'do's' and 'don'ts' for setting the intonation with my recently purchased Epiphone G-400 SG. Unlike my Casino, on which the intonation screws in the saddle sit higher than the pickup, providing easy access with a screwdriver, the screws on the G-400 sit below the level of the bridge pickup, making direct access all but impossible. I would be grateful to hear recommendations on how to set the intonation for the G-400. Thanks, Gvdv..
  7. Hi Everyone, Thanks for your replies. Have not yet had a chance to take the guitar to a guitar store to try it out with other modelling and non-modelling amps. I will, however, have a chance to try the G-400 through a tube amp in a couple of days, maybe tomorrow, so that should yield some more 'data', although I think that the fact that this problem does not appear on the clean channel on the Cube 30, and affects four of the seven emulations points to the fact that this does have something to do with the amp models. Probably will get a chance to visit a guitar store for another we
  8. Hi Everyone, I am really enjoying my new Epiphone G-400. However, after having played around with it since getting it 4 days ago, there is one thing about it that I have noticed that I would liketo get your opinions on, and which I am slightly worried about. When I plug the guitar into my Roland Cube-30 , combo and I play the 2 notes of what I assume is a major 3rd, on the 1st and 2ndstrings of the G-400 (e.g. an E note at the 5th fret of the B string and G noteat the 3rd fret of the E – 1st. String), I get a kind of 'sympathetic' or 'shadow' note sounding in addition to the 2 note
  9. Hi Folks, I will probably put the 57 Classic and 57 Classic Plus into my new G-400. Are these the same pick ups that came with my 1998 Les Paul Standard, do you think? And what is the 490T? All the best, Gvdv.
  10. Hi Everyone, Many thanks for the kind words, and suggestions for sites to which I can upload images. While I get the hang of the site I registered with (Photobucket), please see the attached thumbnail images of my new G-400. Let me know what you think. All the best, Gvdv.
  11. Just thought that I would share that today I took delivery of my new Epiphone G-400 (was at the store half an hour earlier than it opened, because I had not checked the messages on my cell phone yesterday, and only discovered that the guitar had arrived at the store when I checked my messages after I got home - I am sure that you can imagine the frustration I felt when I heard that message). Here are my first impressions: A colleague of mine, who had been married to a guitar teacher, but it does not play guitar herself, said that the G-400 sounded nice unplugged – I had that impression too,
  12. Thanks a lot for the advice, guys. If I do decide to get the Maestro Vibrola I will definitely have a friend do the work for me and pay him to do it, because I cannot draw a straight line with a pencil and a ruler. All the best, Gvdv..
  13. Hi Paul, Thank you very much for your continued interest in my G-400 purchase :-) And thank you so much for taking the time and effort to search eBay on my behalf. I am in 2 minds here – I really want to get the Maestro, however I also want to make sure that the guitar is to my liking, so that part of me is telling me to wait to purchase the Maestro. Can I ask you, and others here, are Maestro Vibrola's regularly available through eBay, like the one that you found, and is that $95 price typical? I also wondered if the fact that the seller had put the word "Nickel" in capital l
  14. Hi Paul, Many thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately (for me), I don't really like the pickguard on the '66 - I am trying to get as closely to the sound and look of George Harrison's SG as possible (but with the compromise of staying within my budget). Here are some photographs and an article about George's SG - George's SG I have, however, been considering trying to fit a Maestro (if I can get one) on to the G-400. Thanks, once again, Gvdv.
  15. Hi fretter, Thank you for this link. However, the reason that I decided to buy the G-400 is that the Gibson SG's are too expensive for me. If I were to go for the Gibsons, I would go for the SG Standard Reissue with Maestro VOS Thank you, once again, for your message and your suggestion. All the best, Drutgat.
  16. Hi stickman, Thank you for sharing your experience with the G-400. I will see how the guitar sounds to me, and take appropriate 'action', if needs be. All the best, Gvdv.
  17. Hi Everyone, Many thanks for your replies. I am going to do some more asking and looking around for a Cherry G 400 with the Maestro, just to satisfy my curiosity. And,I am definitely going to pursue trying to talk to somebody in the upper echelons of Long & McQuade in order to try to get to the bottom of the message that I was given. Thanks, once again, Gvdv..
  18. Hi Everyone, Many thanks for the replies. At this point, I was really just wanting to know whether or not the Epi G-400 advertised on the dv 247.com site was different from the G-400s for sale here in North America (i.e., I wanted to know if the pickups described on the dv 247.com site were different than the Alnico V's, or whether there were just 2 different ways of describing the same pickups). As I said in my original post, I am "thinking" of swapping out the pickups, but of course, I will have to reserve judgment about whether or not to do that until I get the guitar, play it, and
  19. Hi, In googling around, I just noticed that the Epiphone G-400 Vintage Worn Cherry described on the English/European website dv 247.com lists the G-400 as having "a 57N and a HOT-B Humber" as the standard pickups included with the guitar. All of the North American-based websites list the guitar as having Alnico V pickups. I am pretty ignorant of the different pickup configurations, although I am thinking swapping out the Alnico V's from the Epiphone G-400 that I ordered yesterday, in favour of putting in the 2 versions of the 57's which are in the standard Gibson SG ( I think that the
  20. Hi, Congratulations on your purchase. I think that I may have read somewhere recently that the Faded Cherry G-400 comes with a visibly bound neck (and I know that I did read, also, that the regular Cherry version does have a bound neck, but that the color is very similar to the Cherry, so the binding is difficult to notice). Gvdv.
  21. Hi Everyone, Well, after thinking about it on and off for a few years, I decided I just had to have a Cherry (high-gloss, not Faded) G-400. Interestingly, I have had a bit of a problem locating one. I usually buy new, commonly available, musical equipment from one of the Long & McQuade chain of music stores here in Toronto, Canada, but I was very surprised to be told yesterday when I phoned to order a G-400 that they could only get the guitar in Pelham Blue. I have actually seen the new versions of the Cherry G-400 hanging in the store in the past, but I was assured that a Che
  22. Hi Ray, I completely agree with you. And thanks for the link; I would love to try that guitar. gvdv.
  23. Hi Wayne, Thanks for this. I have to say that volume is not really an issue for me, as I would probably be mostly recording with the guitar, and even if I were gigging, it would be amplified. I did have a chance a few years ago to buy a 12 string Yamaha that sounded (from the ad I saw) that it was exactly what I was looking for, but once again decided that I could not allocate the funds. I have a great Yamaha 6 string from the 80's, although I have been really unimpressed with some of their more recent offerings. One issue for me with 12 strings is the 'width' of the neck (measure
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